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Sunday, 13 September 2015


13th September 2015
Discipline is doing what you know needs to be done even if you don't want to do it.

Today I'm going to cook a proper good roast dinner I think, I've got me a joint of beef and I'm going to put it in the oven on really low and leave it for hours, then enjoy it with some mash, veggies and a Yorkshire pudding, mmm can't wait!

Depending on whether it stays dry or rains will help decide my day I think, I have a bit more painting to do in the garden, I've got lots of bulbs to plant up so if it's dry that's taking priority, but housework is on the to do list too, mom did the hovering yesterday, so that's one less job, I'll give the kitchen a good do when I cook then the bathroom later.  It'll all get done.

It's been a great week, 394lb lost on my scales, that shows that we're getting back on it, some faster than others.  See in my meetings this week we've talked about that back to school feeling, you remember it, fresh start, clean slate, chance to change the way you are, well we've all embraced that idea this week and those that have been struggling are now looking forward and planning to get weight losses next week. 

Now in this week's talk we looked some of the subjects we would have done at school and looked at how they could help our weight loss journey, one being equations, after all weight loss success is a simple equation of;


Oh if only it was that simple, in theory yes weight loss success is that simple equation, but the reality is, it's not that simple, it's not always easy, everyone is individual and we all have different lives and circumstance, sometimes they change and it all effects our behaviour.

This is one example of how that equation can be tampered with;

EAT LESS, then get tired and overwhelmed from your life so you have a cake, + MOVE MORE until you can't because you're a carer for your husband and you can't leave him for too long so you can no longer go to your exercise class = WEIGHT LOSS sometimes but not always because the cake didn't help at the scales and that's made you feel lousy as you know you really need to lose weight for your own health, it's hard enough that you're having to be that carer, but what if you weren't there or you weren't about to take care of them because you were ill!

This is just one example of how that equation isn't so easy in real life, psychology would help us understand more and possibly help more with the weight loss success.  Learning to understand your own thoughts, actions and behaviours is key to successful long term weight loss success.

Tackling one issue at a time too, that's really important.  Yesterday one of my lovely members said she'll actually be thinking "I shouldn't be eating this" as she's eating it.  I bought Warburton Thins this week not once but twice knowing and thinking "These will not help me lose weight this week" as I'm putting them into my trolley!  And I'm sure the scales tomorrow will be proof of that, I love the Filling & Healthy plan but I know if I have too many bread products at hand, I overdo it with them and it stops the plan working for me.  My solution to this problem, don't put them in the trolley again!  Actually listen to my thoughts and remind myself why I'm trying to lose weight!

So let's all start listening to all those thoughts in our BeYOUtiful head, try to understand why we behave the way we do, work on changing one tweak at a time and giving ourselves a break, appreciating that it isn't always as easy as that EAT LESS + MOVE MORE = WEIGHT LOSS equation. 

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