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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Getting mindful ain't I!

23rd September 2015
Stop hating yourself for what you aren't and start loving yourself for what you are.

Mid week already, pitch black outside still at 5.33am and it's the autumn equinox today, which means the duration of day and the night is the same so yep, winter is well and truly on its way and summer is behind us. 

I'm up for activating my Autumn though, are you?  I need a good kick up the bum, got blase with that journal of mine, missed a couple of days, so today I'm back with it, starting week 3, day 1, I shall not be defeated by the journal!  I'll be doing ProPoints as the stuff in the fridge isn't completely F&H, plus I need to be taking account of anything I succumb to with the coffee mornings for MacMillan, I was quite good yesterday, only had 3pp of cake all day, resisted all the cupcakes!

Not counted the cash from last night yet, but I think over the day we did about £100, we've got a 'count the spots on the cake' thing going on and it's quite amusing watching people trying to count the spots or trying to guess, so competitive :)

Enjoyed salmon yesterday with a puff pastry top (yep still using it up!) and asparagus, very tasty, not sure what's on the menu today, I'm using the stuff I've got in fridge by 'use by' date, it's all looking tasty so I don't mind.  I do fancy a bacon sarnie for brekkie though, ooo I have some Weight Watcher petit pains might have bacon rolls, mmm.

Mmm, my minds pretty calm this morning and a little empty, this mindfulness exercises are maybe chilling me out a bit too much ;) should I blog first then meditate, when I woke up my mind was full of all sorts of chatter, then after my meditation it's gone all quiet.  I'm only doing 10 minutes at the moment, what will I be like when it gets longer!  Tomorrow is day 10 of the 10 minute ones, I've subscribed to the year, found a discount voucher online so saved 25%, cost me just over £40 for the year.  I've noticed the next stage is 15 minutes, then it goes to 20 minutes, so as I woke naturally at 4.44am this morning, and I often do, I'm going to reset my alarm to that time instead of 5am, that way I'm giving myself those 20 minutes to enjoy a bit of calm before the crazy of the day starts.

In Autumn everything starts to show it's age on the outside!  I've just heard that on the radio, how true is that, leaves fall, cars break down, and boilers, and we usually feel a little older as the temperature drops.  It's all good though because broken things can be fixed, the leaves will grow again in the spring and we can take care of ourselves so that we don't feel any older than we should.

So here's to feeding our mind, body and soul, good healthy food for our body, time out to enjoy this life we're living for our soul and well I can't recommend trying a little mindfulness meditation enough, he said something this morning about being especially aware of the thoughts, more importantly still how you respond or react to those thoughts, is it with a sense of acceptance or a sense of resistance, the more you can allow this process to happen rather than trying to direct or change the thoughts in any way, the more calm or naturally the thoughts arise in the mind.  Resisting the thoughts only makes it worse because then you've not only got the thoughts themselves but you've also got the tension from resisting them so training the mind is about stepping back about becoming familiar with this idea of observing thoughts rather than feeling the need to change them or control them.

Interesting stuff, I've realised that I don't resist those thoughts, I am already quite mindful, I've obviously learned a lot over the years from doing all this stuff, can beat a bit of work on the self!

Right I'm alert again and back in the room, time to get on and get going, I'm thinking a nice big mug of tea, but my water first, I haven't had my pint of water mainly because there isn't a glass in my office like their usually is, I need prompts to remind me, so I'll make sure the glass is here for tomorrow.

Let's have a wonderful Wednesday and just BeYOUtiful. xx

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