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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Organised October - bring it on!

1st October 2014
There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in. Leonard Cohen

Well my fitbit tells me it takes me between 4 and 7 minutes to fall asleep, I’m happy with that, I don’t need it to tell me I woke quite a lot in the early hours of the morning, I’ll thank my hormones for that, they appear to be delayed this month!   It also tells me my bestie is the top of the league board in my friends list despite only having her fitbit a couple of days, she’s not competitive much at all ;)!

I had my slow cooker on and working before I left yesterday for work, it seem weird chopping onions and carrots at 7am but I’m so glad I did, my Rustic Beef one pot was incredible, I don’t think beef can be better cooked than in a slow cooker, and using those cook in the bags make it even more tender, it just melted in my mouth.  So 6 hours I left it, mine doesn’t have different cooking temps, it just has off/on but seriously it was delicious, the Maggi bag was 3pp, so on F&H you can have a third of the dish for 1pp from your weeklies, or on ProPoints, the whole dish is 29pp and I split it 3 ways although it said serves 4, which if you added some green vegetables I guess it could’ve.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve had 1 decent ‘on track’ day in the last 9 days and that was Monday, yesterday didn’t end great, it’s those damn ‘C’ words, crisps (cheese & onion), chorizo and choc ice!  I don’t know what possessed me, well I do, but hey ho, today’s a new day and it’s the 1st October so how about making this month “On It  October” or “On Track October”, I like both, but think I’ll go with the first. I’m almost half way through my tracker journal, but if you were to start a new one this week it would take you to the end of the year, not a bad aim.  I’ve not been perfect by any stretch of the imagination but writing it down has really helped to remind me why I started it in the first place and also to make me assess my behaviour.

So turning over a new leaf this month, I will be doing F&H from today and not being attacked by those C foods unless they are cauliflower and carrots!  Who fancies jumping on my ‘On It October’ wagon?

Yeah if we don’t keep going we may as well give up!  And I for one ain’t ready for that….

So today, I’ve defrosted a piece of salmon, will have that with brown rice and broccoli, I’m thinking I’ll makes some ham and beetroot salad thins before I leave the house tonight so my tea is ready when I get home, and to try and make up for last nights OTT event, I will not use any extra ProPoints for anything, it’ll all be F&H today, thinking egg for breakfast I haven’t had one of those in days!   Sorted.  

I’ll do something in the slow cooker tomorrow with chicken I think, that’ll be nice to have that ready for when I get home on my busy day, I can chop the veggies today ready.

All about planning isn’t it.  Ooooo I think I’ve just changed the theme of the month to “Organised October”, yeah I likes that better, we are much more successful when we’re prepared, and by being organised, we will automatically be ‘on it’ and ‘on track’.  Sorted ;)
Right this lady has a lot to organise, I’m going to get serious now, I know I mess about a lot where this weight loss is concerned but that’s because I love food and wine, I’m passionate about living what can I say, but seriously I always think about my health and happiness, I will never gain and gain and gain, I have a number I see on those scales and when that appears, I get on it 100%, no messing about, but to be honest because most of the time I do eat well, I don’t see that number very often anymore thankfully.
Mmm eggs for breakfast, easily pleased me…

Here’s to an organised day BeYOUtiful, healthy & happy all the way…

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