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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Looking forward to my day...

18th October 2014
If you stumble, make it part of the dance.

I managed to stay in bed till it wasn’t pitch black out there, so I’ve have a good few hours sleep, I did wake at five but knowing the day I have ahead of me I thought it wise to try and get another few hours!  Busy fun day ahead, off for a massage, then meeting up with my mates and we’re going to the cinema, followed by a meal and then tonight we’re going to see the Boomtown Rats at the civic (no I don’t know why either!) but we’re gonna have a cracking good day, I feel it in my bones – I’ve even had my mate do my nails and they do look good if I say so myself.  I still can’t believe I’ve no bitten them for a few months now, not bad for someone who was once told, “Bev, that’s not nail biting that’s self harm!” yes I was quite the biter!

I’m thinking a slow start to the day so I don’t burn out too soon!  Maybe a nice poached egg breakfast, I had eggy crumpets yesterday, they were nice, soak the crumpets in the egg then dry fry and pour the last of the runny egg mixture into the holes of the crumpets before flipping them over, mmm, they were delicious topped with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, and most definitely good mood food!

I’ve bought some beansprouts too, had them the other day and I’d forgotten how much I like them, plus they’re zero ProPoints so always a winner!  I reckon stir fried with some peppers, mushrooms, chicken, and a dash of soy sauce, that’s going to be a winning quick meal.  But not today as we’ll be out most of it, a good breakfast will keep me going till our meal out at 5, and then I won’t need anything else, although cinema – popcorn may have to be involved!

Ooo talking of food as I do so often, I noticed a recipe in this months free Asda’s magazine for chicken cooked in milk with garlic and herbs that I have to say looks and sounds delicious.  Here’ it is;

The ProPoints if made as per the actual ingredients would be about 77pp total but it say’s it serves 6.  I might be cooking that on Sunday, be delicious with roast vegetables and some mashed potato.

Anyway I’m going to get me a cuppa and prepare for my day as it’ll get busier come lunchtime! 

Enjoy your weekend BeYOUtiful. xx

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