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Monday, 13 October 2014

busy doing nothing...

13th October 2014
Make your mission to thrive not just survive.

What a grim morning out there, I’m glad I had an extra hour in bed!

I wrote that sentence 15 minutes ago, guess I’m not in a very productive mood this morning, maybe after a mug of caffeine I will be.  I was yesterday though, I managed to get over 13,000 steps on my fitbit, did some shopping, enjoyed a walk round the shops looking at niceness, must learn to stay away when I’m in a spending mood, enjoyed it though.  Bought a couple of signs for the garden and a radio for the kitchen, got Alfie a new toy which he ripped within hours so that’s going in the bin – waste of a fiver!   I also bought the makings of a Sunday Roast and enjoyed cooking that whilst dancing round the kitchen to my radio, it was a lovely Sunday I have to say.

What to do with my day, mmm the juries out, the brains still not working, it’s definitely hibernation weather, so glad I don’t have to go out to work on a Monday, but I will get 10,000 steps on my fitbit so will venture out there at some point.  Can’t believe I ended up with blisters yesterday morning on my lovely walk, only out 45 minutes and they were both cut, it must be because I’ve wore sandals all summer the skin has gone soft, they’ll be sore for a few days now!

I’m finding at the moment I want to eat so many different meals and there just isn’t enough mealtimes in the day, so on my to eat this still is that pasta recipe from the other day and I really fancy a posh fish finger cob, Might have that for lunch then my extra roast chicken dinner later today, then the pasta dish can be Tuesday if I can be bothered to cook it.

I might bake today actually, mmm make mom some scones or something, it’s definitely an indoor day, I suppose I could do a bit of housework too – if I must but where’s the fun in that.  I do have a bit of office work to get done so that’s my first task, then I’ll offer to walk Alfie but he’s not a rain fan.

I’m gonna go get me a cuppa because this is a boring blog and you have better things to do, just remember the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time at all!

So I’m going to spend my day doing just that I think.

Oh and I lost 1/2lb, that’ll do me ;) Healthy & Happy, there’s no rush in me…

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