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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Find a balance between healthy and indulgent

21st October 2014
Create a lifestyle you can live with!

I spent a few hours with 7 other leaders and 2 managers yesterday and I can’t tell you the amount of passion there was in that room, each and every person in that room really cares for our members, truly wants success for all of them.  It was an interesting few hours I have to say.

I’ve just read this line on a Pinterest post “Find a balance between healthy and indulgent.” Oh if only it was as easy to do as it is to say!  Before our meeting yesterday I had coffee with one of the leaders and we indulged in a salted caramel muffin (our lunch) whilst chatting, last time we’d seen each other she was so on track and in the zone, it was terrifying ;) but yesterday she wasn’t, the zone had left and she couldn’t tell me what had changed.  This my lovely is life, if we knew the answer to that puzzle, we’d have it sussed.

There are different phases of people’s weight loss journey’s I believe and of course they vary depending on their personalities.  Both of us sat there eating our muffins (I guessed 10pp as the one I’d PP’d and resisted in McDonalds was 13pp but larger) are very similar in personality and behaviours so we’ve both lost a decent amount of weight to get to goal so we feel so much better than we did when we started our journey.  We’re both of the belief food is amazing, we share a love of red wine too and both are a bit of a hobby, so resistance is futile!  Now and again we get in a great place where being on track comes easy to us then suddenly it isn’t and that can be for any number of reasons, change in life circumstances, hormones, health, the fact that there was salted caramel muffins on the menu in the cafĂ©!  As I said if I had the solution to all this, I wouldn’t be watching my weight anymore. 

I’ve tried and done most things in my 44 years to try to lose and keep my weight off, I used to do the gym 5 or 6 times a week, I had a 6 pack you know, I even enjoyed it at one time I think, then I went through a time where I ran, I enjoyed the achievement side of that but the running you can keep – it hurts!  I’ve tried many ‘diets’ they don’t work!  What works for me is realism coupled with the food knowledge that Weight Watchers has given me, that’s why my weight hovers around the same place and has done for a good few years now thankfully. 

So yes yesterday I had cake, today I won’t, so I guess I have got that “Find a balance between healthy and indulgent.” sussed after all.  Sometimes the balance gets a little off one-sided but I always pull it back.  I’ve already wrapped my sweet potato in foil ready for the slow cooker today, I’m going to put a cook in the bag next to it and look forward to a healthy lunch, I will add some griddled courgettes when I get back.  Breakfast is going to be a poached egg muffin because I realised late last night I’ve run out of bread – oops, and the crumpets have gone too, mom enjoyed them though. 

Yes I’m ready for a week of healthy, the indulgence of the weekend was enjoyed but I’m ready and looking forward to some vegetables, some lean protein and some real meals.

Have you found that balance?  If not keep working on it, the thing with taking care of ourselves is the journey never ends, there isn’t a quick fix, it’s about finding ways to move more that you enjoy and eating a healthy balanced diet which Weight Watchers shows you how to do and that’s why I love it.  I believe if you try to change yourself too much too soon, it’s too hard and you end up back where you started, making small changes continually well that’s more likely to last.

Have a great day BeYOUtiful and remember healthy & happy. xx

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