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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Why do we do it?

16th October 2014
Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love. Brene Brown

Why do we do it?  Why do we overindulge when we know it’s going to make us feel ill?  I’m not talking about a treat bag of crisps or a bar of chocolate, I’m talking that eating the entire packet even though it’s starting to make us feel sick or we know we’re going to have heartburn or indigestion all night if we continue?   Can you imagine knowing something was going to make your child ill but you sat there saying, go on – have another!  You wouldn’t do it would you, yet we do it to ourselves.  Why do I bring this up, no I didn’t do it last night, not guilty your honour but my mom did it the night before, she sat and ate a tin of biscuits I’d bought in a very short space of time, which with all the stuff she’s got going on in her body she shouldn’t, here’s just a small sample of the medication she now takes because of her stomach problems!

Is all that medication all down to eating badly over the years, I’d say no, from research I’ve found out that a hiatus hernia can be caused by pregnancy not just bad diet and mom did carry 7 children so that wouldn’t have helped!  However diet now is a major contributor to how she feels health wise on a daily basis, yet she still overindulges (as do we all) sometimes without concern for how it might affect her until it’s too late.

I think this is really a valuable lesson for this time of year because it’s heading towards Christmas and we tend to buy way too much stuff in and then it’s got to be eaten.  I’ve decided we’re not buying it all this year and to stop me I’m going to order online and keep it simple. Why?  Because yesterday morning as I listened to my mom coughing which was because the acid had burnt her throat so badly, I realised I was partly to blame for that because I’d bought the biscuits, yes she’s the one that ate them but I was her supplier.  It can actually be compared to a drug addiction when you think about it, its self abuse and I’m standing by and letting her!  I’ve decided I won't be the person who buys the food that kills her sounds dramatic doesn’t it, but it’s true the doctors told me that if what happened last Christmas happens again, she’ll die!

How many times have we bought "treats" for ourselves and our loved ones because we love them and we’re being nice, but when it's too excess or we know that person has a problem with food should we be doing our bit to help them, rather than leading them astray?
Anyway enough doom and gloom!  Let’s get back to the happy, it’s all good again in my house because the rubbish has gone, I’ve done our shop order online again this week and I’ll go back to doing that because it stops me buying the rubbish.  It’ll also stop me picking up all those Walker’s crisps in the ‘new’ flavours – there’s 12 of them you know, and we all know they won’t really taste much different to the ones already on the shelf but we’ll buy them because they are on offer for £1 a bag and we’re suckers!  Well I am anyway!  Like mother, like daughter, which is why I’m so passionate about the balance and being healthy and happy because I appreciate how difficult it is to do!

With it being National Curry Week this week I made a simple fish curry yesterday, the whole thing was 15pp and it served 4, just needed to add the rice.   I didn’t think I’d like fish curry but it works!  Sainsbury’s basic curry sauce 8pp a jar and the fish was Youngs Frozen for 7pp for 4 fillets.  Fish really is a fab filling & healthy option and very low in ProPoints.

I also keep meaning to mention this chocolate coffee that’s just delicious, unfortunately then only sell it in Waitrose and it’s not cheap, but it’s lush and my new favourite fix. 

Anyway I might go make me a cup whilst I get ready for work, it’s been a cracking week so far in my meetings, Gaynor achieved her goal yesterday morning telling me she’d never managed to do it before but that she’d always gone to a rival slimming club up till now – I won’t lie that felt good that we’d made a difference! 

Dave and Rebecca were both thrilled to achieve their 10% certificates last night, and a total of 59lb was lost last night and 40lb on the morning give a total of 273lb so far this week, not bad for a wet week in October when the truth is all we want to do is hibernate and eat comfort food!  

Have a great day BeYOUtiful, take care of you because you matter too. xx

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