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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Not enough hours in your day?

Sunday 5th October 2014
Strength doesn’t come from what you can do.  It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t

It seems everybody is busy these days, I talk to moms who not keep run a house, look after the kids but also work full time too – not enough hours in the day!
So how do we fit it all in and find time to take care of your own health and happiness, mmm I unfortunately don’t have any magic solutions but I do think there are tips we could all use to save ourselves some time for sure.

Shopping online can save you time, once you’ve done it a few times it gets really quick, you have your ‘favourites’, you can even make a regular shopping list that you just drop in the basket.  Just think not having to drag the kids round the supermarket, nor try to find a parking space – bliss!  You can plan your meals too whilst doing your online shop.

Use your slow cooker, which makes dinner really easy, you can throw your ingredients in first thing and have a hot meal ready for dinner when you get home – perfect.  You can even use those cook in in the bags, they work in there too (I put the bag in with two jacket potatoes wrapped in foil next to it).

This is going to sound silly but how much time do you spend searching for keys/phone/purse?  Choose a spot, get into the habit of putting it there time and time again, it really helps.  I know how frustrating and time consuming it is not to be able to find sometime as mom puts everything in my kitchen away in a different place every time, I’ve been looking for the vegetable peeler since Wednesday!

Little things like lining your trays with foil before cooking saves scrubbing when it comes to washing up!

I like the suggestion of putting your chicken in the marinade before freezing, then when you’re ready to cook it, it will marinade whilst thawing – genius time saver!

Then there’s exercise, who’s got time to go to the gym!  Why not try to include exercise in your daily routine, if you work nearby, walk instead of driving, or go for a walk in your lunch hour.  Walk around whilst talking on the phone, even that will burn more calories than sitting down chatting.

Buy pre-packaged salads, frozen and tinned vegetables are just as good as fresh and they save you preparing them.

And with the time you manage to save you can have a bit of ‘me time’, it’s really important to take a bit of time out for yourself to do something that you enjoy or something that’s important to you, it's not selfish - It’s self-care, research has shown that a lack of me-time is the number one stress factor for 75 per cent of mums. It's not self-centred to want time to yourself - it'll help keep you and your family in better shape, as an exhausted and frustrated mum is no good to anyone.

I know I need to get myself a little more organised, it’s one thing being busy but it’s quite another procrastinating on things that need doing, so I’m gonna get me a system to get me a little more organised in both my work and home life so that come Saturday if I want to have a day of rest I can do it knowing I’m on top of everything else.

If you can think of any time saving ideas, particular to help on our weight loss journey, drop me a line or comment on this blog.

Have a super Sunday BeYOUtiful, healthy and happy remember.

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