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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

It's never the 'right' time!

15th October 2014
Whatever you want to do, do it.  There’s only so many tomorrows.

Who keeps stealing my nights and my days come to that, mid week and morning again!  It can’t be just me, as I get older the days go faster, as of 5.17am it’s only

Forgetting Christmas for a moment, apparently it’s both National Curry Week and National Chocolate Week, well we don’t need another excuse to eat chocolate to be fair, but curry on the other hand, mmm that is a favourite of mine, not too hot just plenty of flavour.  I finally tried fish curry the other week and I have to say I liked it – a lot!  I think that’ll be lunch today, fish curry and brown rice, nice.  I’m thinking lazy curry, using a jar, there’s just not the time to cook from scratch today, or is there.  My choices are a Sainsbury’s own brand curry sauce jar or I could cook something up from scratch, I’ll see how I feel at lunchtime but curry is definitely on the cards and I’m guessing the jar sauce will win, it’ll only take about 15 minutes knock that up.

Now we could combine the two national weeks together, chocolate curry maybe?  I once had curry chocolate when we were in Belgium, it was actually really nice, chocolate curry on the otherhand isn’t getting as much on a google search, here’s one though http://monicabhide.com/chocolate-chicken-curry/ I think it could work weirdly enough, not going to try it today though but maybe in the future!

Have you noticed how some days fly by and you can’t get anything done, then others drag, yesterday afternoon was a dragger, I wasn’t in the mood to do my paperwork and I had to force myself to do it, but I did and I’m glad because if I’d left it I’d have twice as much this morning.  Our weight loss efforts feels like that sometimes doesn’t it, we put it off and put it off and suddenly it’s only a few weeks months left of 2014 and we were going to do so much, lose weight, get healthy, change our lives – you know the story!

I’m glad to say I’ve watched so many do that this year and it’s incredible to witness, I’ve also in my time as a leader seen many members join a meeting at this time of year and done amazingly well in the run up to Christmas, come back in the new year and aim for their goal.  It seem over the last few years that people don’t now join ‘seasonally’ they join when their ready realising there is never a good time to start because you can always find a reason not to.  If you look hard enough there will always be a night out, a party, a birthday, a holiday on the horizon which makes us realise we can put it off forever or just do it.  I love those members that join saying “I’ve got a party Saturday night but I knew if I didn’t join this week, I’d have another reason to delay next week!”  Those are the members that have realised it’s a forever journey, there will always be obstacles (its called life) and that if you do it properly, it’s for life because the journey never ends!

This was a photo posted by one of my BeYOUtiful members last night on facebook and shows the difference Weight Watchers can make, she joined 19th March 2013 and is now 59lb lighter! 

It’s not when you join that matters, it’s that you never give up taking care of you xx

Let’s have a great day, healthy and happy all the way, life really is too short for anything less.  

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