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Thursday, 2 October 2014

No such thing as a quick fix...

2nd October 2014
We would worry less about what others think of us if we realised how seldom the do. Ethel Barrett.

It feels very early this morning and I’m trying to remember what I did yesterday or what to talk about, I’m a tired person this morning, nothing a cuppa won’t fix.  I set my fitbit from normal to sensitive last night to record my sleep as sensitive records every toss and turn, man I move a lot!  According to that now, I may have been in bed 7hr 44m hours but I only slept 4hrs 10m of them, I’ve just changed it to normal and it says 7 hours 10 minute sleep.  I think I just move about a lot, this fitbits all a bit technical!  It is interesting though, but I have other things to think about than this today ;) like going to work and earning a living!

Right so Organised October started well, we had a delicious lunch of steamed salmon (we shared a piece as I’d only defrosted one),brown rice and broccoli, it was plenty for lunch as I’d had a lovely cooked breakfast.  For tea I had my Warburton thins with ham and salad, very nice indeed.  This morning I’m going to get some chicken in the slow cooker before I leave for work because I want I meal ready today to stop me going to the chippy tonight, I’ve been considering it for a few days now and I don’t need them, I might make chips actually in the Actifry, they’re just as good, mmm chips on warby thins, now that would be a nice lunch and I could have the chicken casserole for my tea, nom nom. 

Yep I’m waking up and if I have only had 4hrs sleep and been restless for the other 3 then all my nights are the same and I’ve functioned that way for years and don’t have a problem so it’s all good, interesting stuff though. 

Oh stop the press….. I’m only now able to connect my fitbit to my Weight Watchers esource account, now it gets really interesting because those steps I’ve been clocking up are being converted to ProPoints for me to consume!  To do this you go through the account settings, FitBits will be available to buy in meetings first week in November.

Oh I’m waking up and remembering yesterday, I got chatting to a lady who ordered a cup of tea with 4 or 5 sugars in!  She didn’t look particularly overweight and I was fascinated, she drinks a lot of tea too!  It turns out she used to be 18st plus then had a gastric band fitted and went down to 11 stone, she had the band loosened a little so she could eat the occasional meal with the family and has since gained a stone and a half!  There just isn’t an easy way to lose weight, you have to change your relationship with food for good.  I wouldn’t dream of having that quantity of sugar in my tea because I know it’s unhealthy and not good for my body, re-educating myself about food makes me realise that.  It’s the same reason I wouldn’t drink 1 or 2 bottles of wine every night, I know that ultimately that’ll kill me, I’d be writing my own death warrant.   I treat my body with the respect it deserves because I want a healthy and happy life.  Yes I indulge but that’s healthy too I believe, it only become a problem if my weight goes up and up and up, if I enjoy my indulging and my weight doesn’t alter drastically and I’m happy then it isn’t a problem.  She was a lovely lady but it was obvious she was scared that her weight was creeping back up and I could see in her eyes that was making her unhappy.  She actually used the line, “nothing tastes as good as being thin”, she may think it but she’s not acting the same way if she’s sat there drinking super sweet tea.

So for now I’ll stick with habit changing, getting organised this October, and loving myself enough to want to eat healthy and move more, I hit my 10,000 steps yesterday which means I’m moving plenty and I ate three good meals, that’ll do for me.

Here’s to another good day, you in BeYOUtiful?

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