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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Taking myself a little too seriously yesterday!

16th January 2014
I don't focus on what I'm up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest.
Venus Williams

I’m quite a together person, I generally love the skin I’m in and I’m content with my life.  However throw in a stinky head cold, a whole bunch of hormones and a few not thought through comments and even I can occasionally find myself sitting at my desk, taking myself way too seriously and feeling overwhelmed and tearful.  That was me at half seven yesterday morning! 

I got over it as quick as it started, realising that regarding the comments, people just don’t think before they speak, back handed compliments are unnecessary, yes it’s great to compliment someone (i.e. me) on her new dress but don’t add “you look better than you usually do!”  Thanks for that, I normally look a tramp do I ;-/ that was actually my response and she just smiled!  Obviously once I’d got my hormones under control, I got over her comment pretty quickly as I reminded myself what other people think of me is none of my business. 

And I’m glad to inform that this morning the hormones are a little more under control, the head cold seems a bit looser and I’m back to having a hide like a rhino! ;-)

I need all my energy for my members it’s going to be a busy day, yesterday was another brill one with great results, my Bloxwich Babes did awesome on the morning, 94lb lost between them, an average of almost 3lb a members and Ashmore Park were amazing on the night with a staggering 234lb lost, they really do rock!  What can I say, my members really are sexy beasts :) my members have already lost 45 stone this week between them, proving that whether you choose Simple Start, ProPoints or Filling & Healthy, you can get great results with all of them, whilst eating delicious food.  

Speaking of which I had eggs, spinach and crumpets for breakfast yesterday, and did the chicken casserole with brown rice from the cover of this week’s YOUR WEEK, then for tea I made an egg fried rice thing out of the leftover rice.  I also snacked on cooked chicken in-between as still hungry.  Oh and I confess to a packet of quavers – we found an old stash of moms in a cupboard, proving if it’s there you’re going to eat it, if it isn’t you can’t as we haven’t had anything like that so far this year!
Today I’ve got to stay in control as it’s weigh day tomorrow, I’ll be happy with a stayed same, or a small loss as the 5.5lb I lost last week was great and unexpected, there are frozen burgers in the freezer (I made them Sunday) I could cook for us, that’s a maybe or I’m thinking chicken wraps for quickness, we’ll see I’ll decide later, or let mom choose.  I couldn’t get quark to do one of the recipes I fancied and I used the spinach yesterday so can’t do the other recipe I have – doh!  Having said that, I really don’t want to be cooking a recipe at lunchtime, I’ll do one tomorrow.

Right I better move my backside, things to do, places to be!

Eat Gorgeous please & remember you are BeYOUtiful already, your just trying to be a healthier version of that BeYOUtiful. xx

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