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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

#SimpleStart - What to eat next?

8th January 2013

I have found that if you love life, life will love you back. Arthur Rubinstein
And so Day 6 of Simple Start begins, yesterday was my first day back in meetings, back to reality is always the true test of whether you’re on track and can keep it up and I did, I managed to stick to my meals and wasn’t tempted to stray, don’t get me wrong I did toy with the idea of a glass of wine after ‘a hard day at the office’ but instead opted for a bit of cheese on my tea followed by sleep which was actually what my body needed much more than a glass of wine.

My menu yesterday looked like this;
Breakfast, 2 Warburton Wholemeal thins with bacon medallions, baked beans & tomato
Lunch, veggie wraps and brown rice (recipe on page 35 of simple start booklet)
Tea, leftovers from lunch and yesterdays mash topped with a bit of cheese.

The best thing about yesterday was all those smiles that greeted me, I can honestly say not one person appeared to be upset about their Christmas gain, most said they’d had a great time but were more than ready to eat healthy again because eating junk makes you feel rubbish ultimately!  I even had losers, oh yeah 34lb was lost at the scales yesterday, quite respectable really I think.

I also loved the enthusiasm about Simple Start, 99% seemed enthusiastic to give it a try, the 1% wanted to stick with what’s already working for them and that’s absolutely fine, another beauty of Weight Watchers = choice, there’s ProPoints, Filling & Healthy and Simple Start, all there to make weight loss as easy as possible.  Simple Start is just perfect for that first difficult week on a weight loss plan, when you’re going from eating whatever you want to cutting down and being more controlled, Simple Start makes it more doable in my opinion.

On Facebook I asked what everyone was having as their evening meal and these are the replies I received, proving weight loss can be delicious!

  • Chicken and leek noodle soup with wholemeal spaghetti replacing the noodles
  • Lasagna
  • Gammon. Potato wedges baked in the oven with spray oil and beans x
  • I'm still on pp, I've just eaten toad in the hole! Lovely winter comfort food. X
  • Slow cooked lean beef with gravy, carrots and a jacket potato
  • roast pork dinner mmmm
  • Day 5 of simple start...shrimp stir fry.
  • Braised chicken and cannelloni beans weight watchers recipe 13pp with dumplings smells lovely, hope it tastes good x
  • Liver and bacon, roast potatoes and carrots x
  • Tuna pasta salad courtesy of my other half
  • Roast pork dinner with all the trimmings x
  • Roast beef dinner
  • Leftover roast beef stir fried with brown rice, peppers, leftover veg and a teaspoon of curry paste.
  • mushroom and ham omelet mmmmmm
  • Left over chicken with noodles & left over roast veg!
  • Just had a big chicken salad with a few oven chips, very nice
  • Fish pie with extra veg and a petit pain. And I haven't managed all of it x
  • I had baked salmon, butternut squash chips, cauli and salad
  • Quorn and mixed bean chilli with brown rice x
  • chicken red onion mushrooms & new potatoes cooked in ww bag & bake with broccoli, 2 small glasses of wine (weighed) for my daily treats
  • Jacket potato filled with Quark with chives and salad and pears and 0% natural yoghurt. Still have my 2 treats left and having hot chocolate but not sure what else maybe a rich toffee bar
  • Homemade chips and gammon. Ww bar snack.
Lots of ideas there, I have to say I do fancy homemade chips now (obviously not right this minute, it’s 5.30am), I’ll need to get some potatoes though, so it might have to wait till what’s in the fridge has gone, I need to check my supplies.
Midweek already, half way through the first full week of 2014 and I’m feeling positive, if not a little tired, getting back to reality sure slaps you in the face, especially when your alarm clock wakes you up at 5am!
Here’s to another successful, productive day surrounded by BeYOUtiful folk, aren’t I lucky ;), don’t forget to EatGorgeous, have a good one. xx

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