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Friday, 1 November 2013

Love my job, love my members & I love me ;)

1st November 2013
When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Max Planck
It’s been great to be back at work and yesterday finished the week off lovely, 3 members achieving their goals and all looking fabulous ;) I measured ones waist and WOW 26 inches, she’s in her 20s and looks fantastic and I thought to myself, I remember having a 26in waist when I was 26 and it was still not good enough back then, I still wanted thinner, leaner, whatever the latest magazine image that was being pushed!  My how I’m glad I’ve changed now, it took a while but these days I look in the mirror and I love the person that I see, I love her whether she’s got a 26in waist or a 36in waist because I love me regardless of my weight, I am enough and I matter, and because I now have this thought pattern, I take care of me, I Eat Gorgeous and I focus on the healthy and the happy and I love me and my life.  It’s a nice place to be and what makes it EVEN BETTER is I seem to be able to help others feel the same way, it was great hearing a beautiful young lady tell me she was happy with her weight and didn’t think she needed to lose anymore – that makes my job so satisfying.
 I made that Donor meat recipe yesterday and I will never need to buy a chip shop donor ever again, it was delicious and for 4pp a serving or F&H it was brilliant value, the recipes here in case you missed it - http://wwbevsworld.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/is-halloween-as-scary-as-scales.html
I’m out all day today at a training day, now I’ve done F&H all week and I wish to continue it, so I’m praying the lunch will accommodate that, I plan to have a good breakfast so if it doesn’t I can resist, because let’s be honest from memory me and free food don’t do too well together, I have a problem with delicious free food, find it very hard to resist, heck I have a problem with not so tasty free food – it goes back to childhood memories of being poor and being lucky to eat full stop, so if something was going for free, we were encouraged to eat as much as possible to save mom cooking  a meal!
I need to stay on track, I want to lose 1lb a week until Christmas, that’s a possible half stone, 8 weeks today, it’ll all be over, Christmas and Boxing Day will have been and gone, and 2014 will be lurking!  OMG how fast has this year gone, have you made 2013 your year, did you decide this time last year or at the beginning of 2013 that you’d had enough of being overweight or that you were fed up of yo-yo dieting, have you sorted it out, lost you weight and are feeling great?  I was very aware of my members this week and the ones that fit under this category, some amazing transformations, great to watch them change before my eyes.  If you’re nodding, I’d love to hear all about how different you feel, how much you’ve lost, what a difference it’s made to you, inbox me, tell me your story.
What’s your plan today?  I was reminded of the importance of planning this week and it does make a difference – remember if you fail to plan – you plan to fail!  I’m forward thinking about my meals, it’s stopping that in the moment “I’m starving, what can I have”, thoughts, I already know what my options are and I’m ready for it.  I plan to resist the change to overeat this lunchtime, I need to remind myself, that it isn’t ‘free food’ it’ll cost me at the scales if I overindulge on it! 
Loads to do before I can leave the house to be in Telford for the day, so I better get on my way, have a great day yourself and know you’re BeYOUtiful. x

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