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Friday, 8 November 2013

Barmy bunch of Buttons - I love it!

8th November 2013
Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. Jane Howard
A good nights sleep, and didn’t get up at silly o’clock this morning, 7am is a much more sensible time and it’s a beautiful morning out there this morning.
I’ve had a wonderful week in my meetings, lots of enthusiasm and laughter, and not forgetting most importantly lots of weight loss – 28 stone’s worth to be precise!  WOWsers and yesterday morning we took a photo of just a few of my members to let everyone know;

That was a giggle as the lovely older ladies on the front ended up with letters which needed to be stood on chairs at the back so we had to do some musical chair shuffling to get them in position.  I think without even realising it as we were getting the photo sorted that the photo shows that Weight Watchers doesn’t just work it works for all ages, those 3 ladies sitting down at the front right are all Gold members and they have been for ten years, there are ladies there who have lost 80lb and ladies just starting their journey – oh and just in case you were wondering where the men were, they didn’t want to be in the picky, they’re sat watching and Rob who had lost an amazing 3 stone as of yesterday had to get off to work.   Ann (E) received her 50lb certificate yesterday, and Kelly bottom left is almost at her goal having lost 80lb so far!  Just awesome each and every one of my members are and they’re all BeYOUtiful!
This week they’ve all received a BeYOUtiful button and care instructions, it’s going to help them lose weight from now till Christmas and keep them on track over Christmas too.  I’m going to have to get making some more I think as a few couldn’t make this weeks meeting and they’re asking for theirs via facebook!  It’s been fab over the last few days seeing the travels and adventures of all those Amazing BeYOUtiful buttons out there, of course as fun as it all is, there is a serious side to it but weight loss is tough enough, hence we’re adding a big of fun and laughter into the equation, it helps – well my members agree with me that it does, you’ve only got to look at the facebook newsfeed to see they agree; I have buttons being took to Costa for a skinny latte, Diane’s Billy Button is wearing his poppy with pride (I’ll add Di changed her button 4 times before she was happy with the colour!).  Jane announced the safe arrival of Bilbo Button. He was born at 19.35hrs and of course the first thing she did with him was got him fed – ever the Weight Watcher ay!  Claire took hers to the gym for a workout!  I’m just loving the enthusiasm of my members, I’m getting photos by text and email and it means they’re all on track and aware of their weight loss efforts – mission accomplished!
So today my buttons going to supervise me whilst I get a lot of office work done, she’s also going to make sure I put in an extra few office hours over the weekend, but ensure I get plenty of walking in too and I’m taking her to socialise with my bestie (I do hope they get on ;-!) Then she shall be watching me cook some healthy meals and finally I’ll introduce her to dodgy weekend tv aka Xfactor!
Enough of this craziness I hear you cry – nah lol can’t beat a bit of silly can you, it’s made me smile all week, hearing the laughter in my meetings, waking up to 50+ notifications on facebook shows my members are engaged in their weight loss so it’s a win-win and knowing that kept me on track last night, Thursday night is usually the start of my downfall but I stayed on track, had ham, cottage cheese, 2ww bread, pineapple tomato and lettuce and only one glass of wine – now that’s button magic folks :)
His to a brilliant week, oh just in case you wondered what her name was, one of my members christened her “Button Boss”, she liked that, now to make sure the power doesn’t go to her head!
Have a great day, try and get a few laughs in there, it’s easy to get a little down at this time of year. Are you reading this thinking, “I haven’t got a button and I’m not one of your members!” guess what it doesn’t matter – you can find your own button, here are your instructions to care for your button (do not start something you’re not prepared to carry on – remember just like a puppy a button is for life not just for Christmas!);
BeYOUtiful Button
I’m a BeYOUtiful button, as cute as I can be.
Although I’m sweet to look at, I’m both fat & sugar free!
When you get up in the morning, lift me high into the air,
Then set me on the floor 10 times, and I’ll know you really care.
Please place me on the table, as you sit upon your seat,
& remember I’m aware of what YOU do & what YOU eat.
When you’re serving up your dinner plate, leave a section free for me,
I’ll reduce the ProPoints that you eat, by the space you leave for me.
I may be JUST a button and I may not ever talk,
But once a day, can I please request you take me for a walk!
If YOU do this faithfully, then in a month or two
Although I’ll be just the same, YOU’LL be a slimmer YOU!
Button Boss at the scales yesterday!

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