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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

In a rush now, but it was worth it!

5th November 2013
“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.”  Carl Jung
WOW, I’ve just finished my book, I fell asleep reading it last night and had to get to the end this morning, so I’m a little bit behind but luckily I got some of my work ready yesterday which I would normally do this morning so it’s all good.  Fantastic read, not my usual book but I couldn’t put it down! The Ghost house by Helen Phifer, on Amazon, only 59p = Brilliant.
So today’s weigh day, I’m hoping for 1lb off, I won’t be disappointed with whatever as I’ve eaten extremely well this week and enjoyed everything, last night was smoked haddock, sweet potato mash and Actifry vegetables, 12pp or completely F&H, delicious it was.  I’ve managed to stay away from the processed stuff for a week, it’s not easy though and I already eat plenty of filling and healthy foods, I went shopping yesterday and stocked up on more, so hopefully another week but if I do fancy a bit of something I have my 49 and of course my pedometer ProPoints to use.
The main this that’s changed this last week is like I said at the weekend, I’ve realised I actually do want to lose a few pounds before Christmas, and I’m hoping for half a stone by then.  I realise if I’m serious about it, then I have to stop messing about, making excuses, pushing the boundaries – basically I’ve had a word with myself and said “stop fannying about and get back on it!” I’m maintaining so well but I need 7lb gone!  So here’s to a good weigh in this morning and another good week. 
How did I control my wine intake – I didn’t buy as much, you can’t consume what isn’t there!
How have I stopped myself eating the processed stuff – I shopped at Aldi (less choice) and I didn’t buy it!
How did I stop myself eating moms goodies, I asked her to put them out of sight where possible but when she’s been eating them in front of me or offered me one, I’ve reminded myself I want to lose half a stone!
Was it easy – HELL NO!
Was it worth it – HELL YES!
Will it guarantee me a weight loss today – Hopefully!  I won’t lie, I haven’t been 100%, I’ve still pushed the boundaries a bit but I’ve been so much better and this week I’ll be better still, it’s not easy getting back on track, I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who agree with me.  I’m also sure there are a good few reading this thinking, “I’m doing it, get a grip woman!” if you’re that person – fantastic, and I hope to get to that place soon, but I know having been on a diet on and off since I was 18, that you don’t usually stay there forever!  Which is why I have spent the last ten years changing the way I approach my eating, realising I will have to watch my weight forever, have to make changes I’m happy to keep in place but also that as healthy as I am, there will be times where I’m not so healthy, where I make not so healthy choices, and where I go into sod it mode.  The big difference, I don’t let those times consume me and take me spiralling out of control and gaining weight.  I just play with this last ten pound and at the moment, I’m planning to lower that number.
I don’t know if you can tell I’ve typed this really fast this morning, not much thinking going on, I’m still reeling over my book and how much it got my heart beating a bit faster, plus the fact I need to catch up with where I usually am by this time in the morning, and guess what – I have, it’s 6am and that’s usually when I get to the end of my blog thereabouts!
So have a great day, Eat Gorgeous, BeYOUtiful, accept nothing worth having comes easy and get on track –half stone by Christmas and you can enjoy the holidays then. xx

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