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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What a different 8 years makes!

3rd July 2013
Think positive, be positive and positive things will happen.
Isn’t it strange how life changes so much, I was talking to my boss on Monday and she told me that 8 years tomorrow she will have become the area manager, previously she was a leader like myself, that made me realise that 8 years ago this week I was a very unhappy, extremely stressed person battling with a decision.  The most stressful thing in my life at the moment was that my Norton just told me I had a Error on my PC which has took half hour to sort out and the cooker that I smashed on Monday, neither of which have really stressed me out at all.  My how times can change!
So it’s been 8 years since I decided I could no longer continue in my previous job whatever it paid and that I really wanted to do Weight Watchers full time instead of part time.  It was a scary time, I was giving up a job with an excellent wage and a company car allowance to go to a job with no guaranteed income!  I remember shopping in Kwik Save and trying to save every penny possible as I also had a huge credit card bill!  It was a truly scary thing to do but my only other option was to continue in my job well paid but unhappy, stressed and miserable, I was spending everything I was earning and more to try and cheer myself up and that wasn’t even working - when you look at it like that it was a no-brainer really.
A weight loss journey can feel a little like that I suppose, your in a position where you’re overeating and gaining weight, it’s making you uncomfortable and unhappy because you feel like there’s nothing you can do because you just can’t stop yourself.  You know you can go on a diet but it’s a scary concept, it means having to change how you behave and that’s not easy. You’re possibly already stressed out and feel you don’t need the added challenge but what are your alternatives?  You continue to overeat, feel uncomfortable and gain weight?  The longer you delay doing anything about it, the harder it will get and the more you’ll have to lose.  So yeah trust me the challenge is worth it, life is way to short to be unhappy, stressed and/or miserable. 
I lost another half pound yesterday so that’s 2.5lb in 6 weeks, 1/2lb each week expect my holiday week, and I’m putting it down to realism, I’ve tried doing the plan 100% and losing ‘big’ that first week and I can’t do it at the moment so instead I’m doing my best, I’m forgiving my strays from the plan and I’m enjoying it, aiming for 1/2lb each week is realistic for me right now and I’ve worked out if I lose 1/2lb every 3 weeks out of 4, I’ll be back at my goal in 8 months, if I can do ½lb most weeks I’ll be there by Christmas.  Sounds like a long time doesn’t it, but that time will pass anyway and I will enjoy the time, so win/win, it’s better than having 1 good week, 1 okay week, 1 not so good week and 1 awful week which has been my pattern for the first 5 months of the year!  If what you’re doing isn’t working then you need to try a different take which is what I’m doing, by focusing on 1/2lb a week I know I’m more likely to stick to it. 
Yesterday I could have eaten my own head; I just wanted food – any food!  So I treated myself to a Weight Watcher bar and a bag of Weight Watcher bakes they satisfied me in the afternoon, then when I got back on the night I had a huge bowl of mashed potato with gravy – weird I know but it worked for me, I wanted comfort food and you don’t get no more comforting that mashed potatoes.  It could’ve been a lot worse as I wanted loads of chocolate biscuits, cheese and onion crisps and chicken and chips from the chip shop – damage limitation was put in place! 
Well my Norton is still giving me Error messages on my pc so I better try and sort it out, if only we could run a full system scan on ourselves to identify and fix our own errors, now that would be useful!
Have a great day, approach it with realism and respect for yourself, realise that you can only do your best. Xx

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