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Friday, 19 July 2013

Embrace your "YOU" ness!

19th July 2013
Being different is one of the most BEAUTIFUL things on Earth.  Embrace your “YOU” ness!
I’ve been up since 5 but I’ve just spent an hour on Pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration, dangerous website it is, you can spend hours looking and never get anything done ;)  I’ve still got a morning of work in front of me to do because I didn’t get everything done yesterday, I’d left paperwork at my meeting and it was just too hot to sit in my office so I went to take some garden waste to the tip and nipped to get a plant from the garden centre.  Nice and cool in here at the moment so I’ll get it all done in comfort.
My meetings have been great this week, I am fortunate that I really enjoy my work and I get to meet so many inspirational people every day.  Two more members achieved their goal weights yesterday and two achieved their 50lb mark, which is just amazing.  I had a lovely conversation with a member at the scales who has lost 66.5lb so far (almost 5 stone), I told her I’d seen her walking to work the day before and she told me that if she hadn’t lost her weight she would have still walked in her fleece despite the heat because of her size, she then went on to tell me how much she’d enjoyed a family bbq at the weekend, her brother hadn’t seen her for 2 years and her sister for a year and they could not believe how fabulous and well she was looking – makes it all worth it doesn’t it.
If you’re still feeling hot and uncomfortable in this weather, know that you can lose as much weight as you wish too, don’t do it for others or because you feel you should, only do it if it’s what you want!  Healthy and happy is my goal but if you’re not then know that you can be and it doesn’t have to be a battle, it can be an enjoyable journey.
You’ve got to be realistic though, you can’t realise you want to lose weight today and expect that weight to be gone by tomorrow!  That member I was chatting with at the scales has been losing weight since last October, she’s made changes that she’s willing to keep in place forever, she’s now bought herself a bike so she’s getting more active.
We’ve talked about getting active a lot this week and how we can do the small things that add up, for example I water my garden with a watering can not a hose pipe, it means I have to keep walking back and forth carrying the can and filling it up, this is all movement and I’ve not had less than 6pp earned on my pedometer at the end of any day this week, Wednesday I had 12pp on there and not an exercise class in sight!  I’m contemplating cleaning my car this weekend, that’ll earn me more activity ProPoints and of course I do intend to potter in my garden, did half hour of weeding yesterday – they soon come up the sneaky little suckers!
Be realistic, I don’t expect you not to go to the pub to sit in the beer garden on a glorious day, but you could walk there!  
It’s a great time of year to start having fun in the sun, especially with the kids, there are ball games – can’t beat rounders, trampolines are all the rage at the moment, be careful though they can be dangerous and A&E do see a lot of accidents caused on them.  One member told us this week how her sister was messing about on one and didn’t come back down!  She’d apparently bounced over a 6ft fence into next doors garden ;-) oops, luckily she was alright.
So as you’re going about your day today, think how could you ‘sit less’, if you take a call on your mobile – stand up and walk about, all these little things add up.
Have a great day, BeYOUtiful and don’t forget to be fabulous. xx

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