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Saturday, 20 July 2013

What a difference a month makes...

20th July 2013
Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Carl Jung
What is this stuff – RAIN!  Yep I’ve just gone up the garden and theirs a fine mist of rain coming down, quite welcome though as long as it doesn’t stay, I’m enjoying the weather far too much for it to change, makes my garden so much more enjoyable.
I’m multitasking as I type, because I’m sorting my photos for Facebook to show people the garden and how much it’s changed in a month, I do love it and enjoy being out there so much.  Yesterday I found a couple of wooden boxes in my shed that I’d made years ago to carry members cards in so now they are flower pots and I’ve painted them blue and added some lovely pansies and sunflowers.
If you do want to look at my garden photos, here are links to all of them, you can access them whether you’re on Facebook or not.
My Garden – before
My Garden – day 1
My Garden – weeks 1-2
My Garden – week 3
My Garden – week 4
My Garden – week 5
Not only has doing the garden kept me active and earned my activity ProPoints but it’s also given me an interest, a hobby which means less time spent thinking about food which has to be a win win situation.  I also plan to spend time enjoying it whilst reading a book or just day dreaming as I did yesterday.  I have to admit you can’t beat sitting drinking a cold glass of lager or white wine in this sunshine but the last few days I’ve been drinking Becks blue which is alcohol free and only 1pp a bottle, I’ve bought my lemonade now so this afternoon it’ll be pints of shandy for 1pp, none alcoholic I know but I will have myself a can of fosters too to balance it out ;)
I tried the Warburton Pitta Pockets yesterday 2pp for half (you would eat the whole one though), and they were lovely stuffed with salad and ham, very tasty indeed.  Need to have a look in the freezer for todays meals, not sure what we have but there’s plenty going on to choose from.
Ooo the suns coming out again that rains gone, so I will be too, mom and Alfie have both gone back to sleep but I’m sure he’ll wake up when I open the front door.  Have a great day, remember you’re fabulous in EVERY WAY!  BeYOUtiful and Eat Gorgeous. 
Oh and sit a little less xx

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