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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Been a little more happy than healthy this week!

24th July 2013
Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change!
Weigh day yesterday and I gained a pound, ending my run of 1/2lb losses, so what happened, well if I’m honest I’ve probably been a little bit more happy and a little less healthy this last week or two ;-) so today I’m getting my tracker out and I’m going to get back to sticking to the plan 100% because I have a happy weight too and I’m above it at the moment, therefore a little more thought is required.
I got a little lapse after I visited the doctor and he sent me for that emergency appointment, as soon as he said worse case scenario cancer, then I’d got an appointment in under an hour, I thought to myself “well if I’m dying – I’m eating and drinking and enjoying it!”  Any excuse me!  Thankfully I don’t have anything terminal so I can just get a grip now and stop using it as an excuse to eat, drink and be merry.
Well yesterday we had quite the storm, thunder so loud it shook the houses locally, and sadly the lightning actually hit one house not far from where I was running my meeting, what a nightmare for them, but no one was hurt and that’s the main thing.
I posted this photo on my Facebook to five folk a smile;

Now I talk a lot about being at your ‘happy weight’ and ‘loving the skin your in’ and posting that photo yesterday for me made me realise I’m there, I really have  come an awfully long way.  There was a time I wouldn’t have even showed my legs, let alone post a photo of them on Facebook for all to see!  I used to be really self conscious of my legs and other parts of my body – actually all of my body but particularly my legs thanks to a lad I went to school with who used to call me “Banana legs”, bless his heart – he thought he was witty, I was devastated!  But yesterday I had no qualms of sharing the photo, it’s amazing what self-love, self-acceptable, age and confidence can do for a woman, I’m there, I really do embrace every ounce of my “Me-ness” and if anyone has a problem with how I look, they’re more than welcome to look in a different direction!
Yep that feels good, it feels good also that my tracker has come out today because I want to eat healthier, not because I suddenly feel fat and yak, no I still feel fantastic, I’m just aware that if I play the ‘happy’ card for too long I won’t feel so fantastic, I’ll feel sluggish.  And yes the scales told me I’d gained a point but the bigger hint that I need to cut back is the heartburn I’ve had the last day or so, that’s always a sign that I’m overdoing the richness in my food.
So I’m thinking Salmon and rice for lunch, I may do a filling & healthy day, I might not, I’m undecided, although it would be easy because I have crumpets and baked beans which could be breakfast, we’ll see when I look in the cupboards, what I do know is whatever I have it’ll be good for me. 
To say I’m impressed with my members right now is an understatement, the total weight loss for 2013 to date is 1,000 STONE, or 6.25 tonne, wowsers, if you needed any more proof that Weight Watchers works, there it is! 
Have a healthy and happy day (make it a balanced on ;-) ) and Eat Gorgeous. xx

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