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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Had a smashing day yesterday ;-)

Tuesday 2nd July 2013
Everything happens for a reason. Every action has a reaction. Always remember that what's meant to be will always find a way to come about.
Well Yesterday didn’t go as expected!  When I got back from Alfies usual morning walk which only lasted about 20 minutes, he stood by my car and didn’t seem to want to go in the house so I thought I’d take advantage of it and decided to take a drive to Cannock Chase where we walked round for an hour.  Letting the dog decide the way isn’t the wisest option as it’s easy to lose your sense of direction over there, we made it back to the car eventually though after I suggested we didn’t turn right a few times.  We even saw a deer run across our path which always makes me smile.  So as I’m walking round I noticed a figure in the distance and suddenly it came to my mind that no one knew where I was, I didn’t have a phone signal and how would I protect myself if I needed too, just then I noticed a rock in the path so I decided to carry it with me, as my protection rock ;-).  I then decided that I could do some bicep curls whilst walking using the rock as a weight, so I had a proper little workout whilst walking and I’m enjoying nature and thinking about stuff at the same time – perfect.  I planned to take the rock home and put it in my new garden, I decided that everytime I went walking I’d collect another and write on the bottom in permanent marker where I’d had it from and when – all sounds like a great idea so far.  So after a good 30 minutes of arm exercises we get back to the car and drive home.  Back in the house by about 9.30am, I make myself a cuppa tea and a bacon medallion and egg sandwich and I’m really chilled out and feeling good.  I tell mom about my protection rock – she thought it was a ‘special’ kind of stone ;-) but I told her my tale.  What happened next I have no idea how but I went to pick the rock up to take outside and it dropped out of my hands, all I could think about was it smashing my stone kitchen floor tiles so I tried to catch it or slow it down with my food and then SMASH this happened! 
It knocked the handle off the cooker door which then smashed the door completely – oops!  Me a numpty, no I won’t have it said ;-)  Luckily I was so chilled from my walk I didn’t even swear!  Now for some reason I have insurance on my cooker, I took it out because when they sold it me and said it was only £3.49 a month, it seemed reasonable, I only thought about it last week and thought “why do I pay for that?”  Well now I know!  It turns out I am covered for being a moron and dropping bricks in my kitchen!  I was just about to ring them when my mate asked me what time my meeting was with my boss, OMG I’d forgot, how bad is that.  Luckily when I called she was fine and rearranged it for later that morning – PHEW!   The meeting went well and I’m still employed fortunately x

See how just one thing can change the course of your day, for me yesterday it was Alfie standing by my car door after his walk, he’s not done that before and we haven’t been over the chase together for a long time.   That one action changed the entire course of my morning, some would say for the worse but I’d disagree as I thoroughly enjoyed my walk and I also had a really productive meeting with my boss.
We’re looking at chains of events in my meetings this week and how they affect your weight loss journey, it’ll be fun to discuss I’m sure.
I’m hoping for 1/2lb loss today when I get weighed but I’ll settle for anything other than a gain, I don’t want any more gains!  Slowly, slowly, gently, gently is my plan, 100% from Monday to Thursday, then not quite so good at the weekends hopefully will still give me that slow progress.  Especially as I’m being so active in the garden, didn’t do too much yesterday but still managed to paint a fence panel, and I did already walk and do the arm exercises so I’m definitely sitting less.  You can tell by my SkyHD box how little we’re sitting in the house, it’s only got 18% left on it, that’s usually about 65%, we’re just not watching tv which is brilliant. 
I had chicken salad for lunch and for tea last night we had a Tesco Chicken Dinner from the freezer counter, £1.50 and 10pp, I added a Yorkshire for the extra ProPoint.
Here’s to a fresh week of ProPoints to play with, I shall be ProPointing this week whilst including lots of Filling & Healthy foods to help keep me satisfied and smiling.  I’m not going to shop online at Tesco though as I wasn’t impressed with the sell by dates on the veggies.  I’ve actually got enough food left to keep me going till the weekend I reckon, I might need to buy some veggies but that’ll be about it and if I have frozen then I won’t bother with that either.  Luckily I don’t use the bottom oven very often on my cooker because they’re not coming till Wednesday to even look at what needs doing ;-)
Right walk time then work time, I’m going to get ready for my working week, but first a cuppa tea – I’m still drinking my pint of water first by the way, that’s a new habit that’s staying with me, if we can change or build one habit at a time then life long healthy living will become the norm.
Have a smashing day (not literally like mine yesterday of course!), enjoy the showers as much as the sunshine. xx

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