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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Wish me luck - it's weigh day!

13th December 2012
When it is dark enough, you can see the stars. Ralph Waldo Emerson
It’s getting closer, 12 more sleeps! I’ve got to admit I’m so ready for a week off work, I love my job but I want to sit around chilling and enjoying spending time with my extended family, can’t come soon enough.  Although as always I’m still enjoying my meetings, and my members are still doing really well, some are losing, some are maintaining and a few of us are gaining a little but okay with it because we’ve enjoyed it, we’ve already lost over 200lb this week which is awesome.
So I’ve deleted Facebook from my phone and it’s having a positive effect on me, my mind isn’t so busy and I’ve actually started to clear some of the clutter in my house too, that’s not just because I’ve deleted an app off my phone it’s also helping that I haven’t got as much paperwork to do this week.  Don’t get me wrong I think Facebook is great, I won’t leave it completely because I’ve met some fab people through it and I love to catch up with them, however I don’t need to have it to hand all the time, half hour in the morning and at lunchtime is more than ample.  I can text and email directly to my Weight Watcher page which is fab because I can do that from my phone, it’s also a different app so I can still be in contact with my members as much as I want.
Very busy day today, actually this is the start of a busy weekend, 5 meetings today, lunch with work colleagues tomorrow in Burton on Trent, bit of a trek but it’ll be worth it.  Then when I get home tomorrow my brother and his wife will have arrived for the week so no time to rest, although I will need to sort out my stuff for my Christmas break, this time next week – I’ll be even more excited!
I’m hoping that I’ve maintained on the scales today, it’s all about damage limitation for me, I looked at my weigh card over the year and I’ve more or less maintained all year within 7lb, it’s not the weight I’m supposed to be but hey it’s progress on the bad old days when it was 2 or 3 stone heavier!  One of my friends posted last night that she was watching some weight loss programme on tv and she’s like a gastric sleeve (I’m hoping she was joking!) seriously though you couldn’t pay me enough to have one!  I would rather struggle with my weight for the rest of my life than have to eat food mushed up or only be able to eat little and often.  I’m sorry but the thought of never being able to go to Sainsbury’s ever again and buy a whole roast chicken and start devouring it in the car on the way home actually makes me feel a little sad!  To not be able to go and buy way too much food from the Chinese or Indian and sit and have a banquet with friends would be a tragedy of life!   Or worse still to not be able to go and build a carvery castle in a Toby restaurant, well it just doesn’t bear thinking about, building a moat for the gravy with your mash and putting the peas in the Yorkshire so you have spare space for the other stuff!
No as much as I struggle with my weight I wouldn’t have it any other way, I adore being me and I love my passion that I have for all things including food and eating, I even love that I love to think, talk about and plan what I’m going to eat, and I really wouldn’t want that part of my personality taking away from me in return for a size 8 body, nah I’m still with my size 12-14 (sometimes 16!) body which I constantly work at stopping it growing back up to a size 20 like it was when I joined Weight Watchers in 2004!
However I have declared PRINGLES officially banned from my house unless my mom learns to refuse to share them with me, they actually have a sickly quality to them and make me feel a bit sick when I eat them, but then of course I forget that the next time I start eating them!  I think they’re laced with cocaine or some similar drug that makes you want more and more and more until you’ve basically snorted the tube!   Yes I shall be having a discussion with my mother this morning, she was warned that if I asked for one she was to say no and she failed her mission, she handed them over sweet as a nut!  Well that’s it now, I shan’t be buying anymore – they are going on the ‘can’t have in the house because I’m weak’ list along with Cheese and onion crisps.
On that note, I’m off to get ready for work, tis dark out there still – boo!   Have a tremendous day, and your mission today is to just notice how many times you think and talk about food, they reckon we make over 200 food decisions a day!

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