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Saturday, 22 December 2012

I likes to blog - I can't stay away ;-)

22nd December 2012
How others see you is not important, how you see yourself means everything!
Good morning from Wonderful Wales, well I wasn’t going to blog whilst away, but in all honestly I enjoy it, it’s a bit like keeping a diary and it helps me process the randomness of my mind.  Plus there’s never anyone up at 5am so what else is there to do when it’s pitch black outside, although I will be reading more this week.
The drive down was smooth, no traffic at all, that’s the beauty of Pembrokeshire, you don’t have to go anywhere near the M6!  We spent two hours of the journey listening to Micky Flanagan ‘the out out’ tour, very, very funny, a gift from a fabulously sparkly new friend I’ve made this year.  It was wonderful to hear mom laughing so loud for so long, absolutely wonderful.
The cottage (well house) is beautiful, they’ve put up a huge real Christmas tree for us, we arrived first and hid all the presents before they arrived with the kids, and I did laugh because one of the first things Jen said was, “I’ve found a secret cupboard”, I’m like, “erm no you haven’t, we’re not allowed to go under the stairs, it’s where the owner keeps all their things so it’s private, plus there’s only the hoover and empty boxes under there”.  Kids ay, they miss nothing do they. 
There’s no phone signal at all even if I go for a walk, so a week without a phone will do me the world of good, we have got wi-fi but that doesn’t always seem to work.  I’m going to enjoy reading and spending time with real people rather than virtual ones.
Mom bagged herself the best room as soon as we arrived, and we all agreed it’s not worth tackling her because as old and frail as she may be, she’d tackle any of us to the floor in a scrum ;-)
Our Tesco delivery came about half eight last night and we struggled to get it all in the fridge, we’ve got the veggies in the cold porch!  So I’m thinking bring the Sunday dinner forward to Saturday and that’ll make some room, it’s our holiday we can do what we like.  We didn’t get our order completely correct, I suppose that’s what happens when you put Lynne in charge of the laptop and hand her a pint of Guinness!  We somehow ended up with one onion rather than a bag of them, and two massive punnets of tomatoes – not quite sure what meal she’s intending to use them with ;-)  But one thing I know for sure, we won’t starve – there is so much to go at, plus there’s only a Chinese takeaway at the top of the road, about a 5-10 minute walk max = result!  Although having said that I’ve never had a descent Chinese in Wales ever, we really are spoilt in the midlands for takeaways, we have some of the best in the country I reckon.
This time of year can be really emotional for so many, driving down yesterday we were listening to Radio 2 (I know, it’s sad, I’ve reached that age where Radio 1 annoys me!) and they were reading out message for loved ones to the troops in Afghanistan – it was very moving, they also had some talk to each other, you could hear the love.   I’m very lucky I’m getting to spend Christmas with those I hold dear and for that I am very grateful.  To those of you that have lost loved ones, a few of you have contacted me, don’t dwell and live in the past it’ll lead to depression, don’t worry and fret about the future it’ll cause anxiety – focus on the now and LIVE, it’s good to have wonderful memories but don’t let them stop you making new ones.
Have a fabulous weekend, make new memories xxx

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