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Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmassy hot chocolate 2pp mmm

14th December 2012
Love is something that if you give it away, give it away, you end up having more.  Malvina Reynolds
Yay my brother and Alexis (his wife) arrive today, busy but fun week ahead, and I’ve got my Christmas works lunch later, mmm carvery nom nom.
I’m really pleased with peoples enthusiasm to help me collect food and toilet rolls etc for the Black Country food bank, I will be taking our first batch on Monday and shall continue to collect for January at least next year, so if you haven’t got anything spare in your cupboard, pick up a cheap can in the supermarket, then next year if anyone bought you sweets/chocolates/biscuits etc that you know you don’t need in your life, pass them on to me too.   Just in case you missed the previous message, the list of things they can use is at the bottom of this blog.
As for me and my Weight Watcher journey I only went and gained another 1/2lb that’s three weeks on the trot now, and 5 1/2lb heavier, it’s a good job I lost 5 of that in October and November.  So I’ve decided from now until the end of the year for me it’s damage limitation, and then by then I know I’ll be sick of eating that way and will be glad to get back to the healthy way of life.
I wanted to share Natalie’s version of Christmassy Hot Chocolate because it looked fabulous for 2pp, especially when you think a hot chocolate in Costa can set you back 16pp!

1 serving of weight watchers hot choc powder (1pp)
Add ground cinnamon and grated nutmeg and top with 26g anchor light real cream (1pp) sprinkle nutmeg cinnamon and pinch of choc powder to decorate :))
Then there’s Diane’s Christmas selection tub so she doesn’t feel deprived over Christmas, brilliant idea.


I can’t believe it’s only 11 sleeps till Christmas day, there’s only 18 days left of this year, it’s gone so quickly, Facebook has just shared my yearin review with me, a look at 20 moments in my year and wow it’s been fantastic, weekend in Rome, weekend in Corfu, weekend at Center Parcs, week in Pembrokeshire, an hilarious afternoon on the park, my role model award, my diamond leader award, helping to motivate some phenomenal people to get to their goals, Red Hot Chilli pepper concert, Burlesque in a steel boned basque, numerous random comments from my gorgeous mom and these moments are but a few, because I can find something wonderful every day to smile about, it’s the little things.
For example I wrote on my Weight Watcher page yesterday, “If yr thinking about missing yr weigh in just remember I don't get paid if you don't get weighed - #justsaying!” and then on the night Penny came to get weighed and told me she’d only come because of that post and she felt guilty that I wouldn’t get paid, she thought she’d had a rotten week, then got on the scales and lost 3.5lb!  I think that tells us never to assume to know the answers!
Yes I’m well and truly ready for my Christmas to commence, I have my Santa hat and my car now has antlers and a red nose!  Bring on the festivities!
Have a fantastic day folks, find the thing in your day to smile about xx
Here's the list of foods & stuff we are collecting for the food bank;
The general shopping list is:
·    Milk (UHT or powder, pref. semi-skimmed)
·    Cereal (preferably non-sugared)
·    Tinned Soup
·    Fruit Juice (carton long life)
·    Fruit Squash
·    Pasta / Cooking Sauces
·    Baked Beans / Spaghetti
·    Rice/Sponge Pudding (tin)
·    Tomatoes (Tinned)
·    Pasta/Rice/Cous Cous (500g / 1kg)
·    Tinned Veg (carrots, sweetcorn, peas, mixed)
·    Tea Bags (40’s/80’s), Coffee (small)
·    Potato (Instant Mash or tinned)
·    Tinned Meat/Fish (corned beef, ham, minced beef, spam / tuna etc)
·    Tinned Ready meals (Curry, macaroni cheese, chilli, beans & sausages, cauliflower cheese)
·    Tinned Fruit (in juice preferably)
·    Sugar (500g / 1kg)
·    Biscuits, Crackers, Crispbreads
·    ‘Healthy Snacks’ (Raisins, Apricots etc)
a ‘Homeless Pack’ includes some of the items:
·    Can opener
·    Wash bag
·    Bowl
·    Mug
·    Set of cutlery
·    Soap, shower gel, bath creme
·    Shampoo
·    Deodorant
·    Anti-bac hand gel
·    Toothbrush toothpaste
·    Flannel / sponge
·    Tissues (handy handbag packs)
·    Nappies (all sizes)
·    Baby wipes
·    Sanitary towels (not tampons)
·    Toilet roll
·    Shaving gel / cream (not razors)


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