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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Time to turn a few things off!

11th December 2012
How did it get so late so soon? It's night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it's June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?  Dr. Seuss
I’ve woke up this morning ready for the day and my continued mindful mission!  What is this you ask?  Well it became very apparent to me over the last week that I don’t focus 100% on what I’m doing, I have so much to do that I’m trying to think abut the next thing whilst doing another thing, and I’m that rushed I’ve stopped actually enjoying the moment, then to actually calm my mind I’m having a glass of wine to slow it down!  This isn’t good!
I spent a couple of hours doing some digital scrapbooking on Sunday to try and finish the task because I would save 20% having it printed before 13th December, then suddenly I realised by rushing to finish it, I’d stopped enjoying doing it!
I also realised I spend far too much time checking Facebook!  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s an amazing resource to help communicate with others, however it gets ‘overused’ and I for one am guilty of that.
Even my blog, it’s something I enjoy doing but there is the odd day when I get up with nothing to say but still feel that I need to write, that doesn’t happen very often but it does happen.
When I’m out with Alfie walking, I’m usually on my phone texting, facebooking, or playing a game.
Then there’s television, there isn’t much on to watch but the few things I do enjoy, I half watch because the other half of me is either playing on Facebook, the internet, some game on my phone!
I’ve decided to spend this week remembering what it’s like to be ‘in the moment’.  Facebook time will be limited to a quick catch up first thing, and then checking my Weight Watcher page once or twice, if anyone needs a response from me they can always text or call me rather than use Facebook.
So yesterday was the first day I paid attention and I have to admit it was difficult, it’s a mission in progress.  I stayed away from Facebook after my initial interaction on the morning, that wasn’t easy especially as I get notifications flash up on my iphone screen, so to stop that distracting me – I turned them off!  Once I’d done my paperwork that needed doing for the day, I turned my pc off and went downstairs. 
My hour afternoon walk with Alfie was lovely, we really enjoyed the afternoon sunshine and despite the fact we were only walking around the local estate we still managed to enjoy the birds and the sunshine and the few things that caught our eye.
I actually watched a television programme all the way through without distraction and it was much better than it usually is because I was paying attention to the story line!
My dinner tasted better because I focused on it and stopped watching television or messing on my phone.
Today will be the same, my phone is going in my bag out of the way, I will use clocks for the time and if it rings I’ll hear it, unless I’m at work in which case, it’s on silent and people can wait.  We’ve forgotten how to wait haven’t we – everything is INSTANT these days and I don’t think that’s a good thing.
I’m actually toying with having total communication shutdown over Christmas, and I know it’s actually what I need to do because I’m finding the decision difficult to agree with 100%.  Yes my plan is no facebook or blog from the 21st – 28th December, a total break from my work and my life.  Mmm now I’ve put it in writing, I’ve realised it is definitely something I will do, spend 7 days focused on the people I’m with rather than those out there in cyberspace, yes the internet is fabulous but it can also be life-consuming!
I didn’t have a glass of wine last night, not sure if that was because of the fact I’d stayed away from Facebook or I just didn’t fancy it.  I also had an early night, my body was screaming for sleep so I listened.  It’s amazing what you hear when you pay attention, when you become mindful of what’s going on around you and don’t try to do two or three things at once.
I ate mindfully too, and realised after having a large breakfast and a late lunch that I really didn’t need a dinner, what I needed was that early night!
So thought for the day is what do you be more mindful off, what deserves more of your attention?  Are you splitting your time and attention so many different ways you’re losing yourself?
I actually feel quite calm this morning knowing I haven’t got to keep checking my Facebook to see if anyone’s asking me something, no I have email and a phone they can use that, Facebook has become like my butler acting as the middle man instead of people coming directly to me!  Time for a break from it all for sure, I don’t want to live in a virtual world – I want to live in the real one!
Enjoy your day.

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