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Saturday, 29 December 2012

So good to be back home again...

29th December 2012
Wine is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.  Benjamin Franklin
 Sounds like me and Mr Franklin would have hit it off! 
When we arrived home yesterday both mom and I said together “Home sweet home” and agreed with the quote, “There’s no place like home.”   After our wonderful break in Wales, we both now also believe with the quote, “Home is any four walls that enclose the right people.” because this Christmas in that cottage with the Wyatt family has felt very much like one big family affair, and to throw in one more quote, “Home is where the heart is” for sure!
We really did have a fabulous week, I cannot believe we all get on so well, that’s our second holiday together, the one in May was hot and sunny so everyone was out and about, this one was wet and windy so we were all together 24/7 which you’d think wouldn’t be so easy to handle, but really it’s been a breeze.  The only annoyance being a little Shih Tzu named Alfie who doesn’t know when to stop ;-) but even he wasn’t that bad.  We’re already looking into next years holidays anyway, can’t wait.
Back to normality now though with a bang!  None of our programmes had taped on our Sky box, our visitors whilst we were away had left the light on in the alley, and the shower on in the bathroom – moms like a dog with a bone over stuff like that!  Hopefully she’ll have forgot this morning though.  But we did get back to a lovely new carpeted stairs and landing and freshly painted house, plus bless her my sister-in-law had tidied up as best she could, it’s impossible isn’t it when you don’t know where to put things.  Hell I don’t know where to put things – what chance has she got.
I’m sitting in my office listening to my itunes library, anything but One Direction and Now That’s What I call music 83 can be played today!  I love my music but if I’d have heard ‘Gangnam Style’ one more time I think I could have smashed the cd, I can honestly say I’ve managed to avoid that tune up until our holiday and now I never want to hear it again in my life!   I just cannot believe it’s so popular; apparently it has been viewed 1 billion times on YouTube!  What on earth is wrong with folk, it’s as bad as Mr Blobby back in the day!
Anyway I never have to listen to it again in my life, yeah The Script are playing now, that’s better, real music is good, it’s the noise that should fill a house, we need to work on the children in anticipation of the next holiday, educate their ears.
Drum roll please…..
Got on the scales and from my official weigh in on Thursday 20th December till I got back last night, I have gained 5.5lb, one of those has already gone this morning.  I’ll take that, I’m actually surprised it’s not more as I feel heavier round my middle than I remember in a very long time.  Lynne gained exactly the same, she eats more sweet food than me but I eat much larger meals than here and we both shared a bottle of baileys and a bottle of Thorntons chocolate liqueur, we also have eaten more cheese than I ever care to consume again in my life -  so really we haven’t done badly.
A few weeks of being good and we can rid ourselves of it, I reckon end of January, especially as my birthday is in-between.  It’s not like I don’t do it every Christmas, as long as I get straight back to eating well, it’ll go and to be honest I can’t wait to get back to eating properly, I devoured a bit of greenery last night with my cheese and crackers.  I’m going to look for a couple of recipes to use up the cheese and see if there’s something that will freeze to, because I really have had enough cheese and biscuits to last me till next Christmas, I think I prefer cheese cooked these days.
Well we’ve bought the rain home with us, I shall wake up slowly, slept 11 hours I have, then I’m going to nip to the shops for fruit and veg and a few essential, also want a carpet runner for the hallway in an attempt to keep our new stair carpet clean.
Going to have a relaxing day today I think, get productive tomorrow.  Whatever you’re doing, enjoy it. x

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