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Sunday, 16 December 2012

does it worry me that I’m gaining weight?

16th December 2012
Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your modus operandi and change your world. Annie Lennox
A lovely day was had yesterday, it was great to see mom out of the house, we took Terry and Alexis to Poundland and B&Ms to have a mooch and mom really enjoyed herself too.  Being in constant pain or feeling poorly is not easy but distracting yourself is a great way to take your mind of it for a while and that’s what we did.
My diet has been horrendous the last few days though, I’m actually craving vegetables and healthy food right now as you can only eat so much fast food, yesterday we had chips and Friday we had KFC, yep the scales will be mocking me again this Thursday but that’s okay, I know whatever happens the rest of this month can be rectified come January, however long it takes.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not gorging myself, I’m just eating the wrong stuff and there’s way more ProPoints going into my body than is needed. 
One bonus is that I have to walk Alfie twice a day regardless of what I’m doing so at least I’m getting some activity, we were out a good hour yesterday morning, covered at least 3 mile and it was nice because my brother came with me so I was able to follow the canal tow path, I wouldn’t normally do that for safety reasons.
Mom and I managed an early night last night as they went out with friends and stayed out, so it’s nice and quiet in my house this morning, bliss.  The decorating starts tomorrow so chaos will resume!  I will be busy today sorting things away and also packing reading for my holiday.
As you already know I’m collecting for the Black Country food bank and we already have a good first batch for me to drop off tomorrow, when I was in B&M’s yesterday I bought a pack of toothbrushes for 99p and toothpaste 69p, that’s a bargain for sure and things like that and toilet roll are also needed.  Please bring something to the meeting next week so we can keep up this fabulously easy way to make a difference.
So does it worry me that I’m gaining weight?  Does it worry you when you gain weight?  My answer is no and yes!  It doesn’t worry me because I know why I’m gaining, it concerns me that it may take a while to get my head back into the ‘zone’ but then sitting here I realise it won’t because I actually enjoy eating well, I love healthy food and the only reason I haven’t bothered the last few days is because of time and the fact they wanted to have chips.  It bothers me having junk food in my house but as of January we won’t be having it, mom can get used to not having Pringles because they aren’t any good for her, just because she’s lost weight doesn’t mean she can eat rubbish as it doesn’t do her medical condition any good at all!  I don't buy into the "I have to have it in the house for the others", junk food, unhealthy food isn't a good thing to have a lot of around anyone, treats should be exactly that - a treat now and again, not the norm!
I’m thinking some soup today, mmm out of a tin because I’ve got too much to do to be cooking from scratch, then maybe something out of a tin or if I have to go out I will get some salad, I’d love a big plate of salad with some mackerel or tuna on, mmm yeah that’s the plan.  But first housework and sorting – boring, can’t even walk Alfie first because its so damn dark!
9 more sleeps till Christmas, 13 more meetings till my holiday, here’s to a Super Sunday.

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