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Friday, 28 December 2012

The dogs about to lose his nuts! & we're going home ;(

28th December 2012
Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.
(I've had all the symptoms of this all week!)
5.30am and just having a cuppa and blogging before we start clearing up and loading the car.  This place looked like a palace when we arrived – it doesn’t anymore, Stig of the dump arrived along with a whole other family of Stiggies and we’ve massacred the place.  We’ve had fun doing it though I have to admit, and I’ve even managed to read the rest of the book I started in October, well I still have 20 pages left but that’s for later when I’m home.
Is it just me or have you also noticed that the longer you’re on holiday the faster the days start to pass by, yesterday just flew by – it was late afternoon before we knew it.  I had a lovely snooze early evening though, which was most welcome and then just read my book till it was officially a reasonable time to go to bed.
It has been an educational holiday also, many a time I’d walk in a room to find Lynne standing up, leaning over a work counter in the kitchen with her book or precariously stood somewhere else with her book, and of course I’d ask, “What you doing in here?”  Apparently though it’s a tactic, her reply was always, “its safe in here, they think I’m doing something!”  It was one of the few ways she got to have a few minutes to herself, yes I’ve realised that moms DON’T get any peace if there are people in the house, there is no escape from the kids, no matter what room you go to, you can’t even pee in peace!
She was right though, you can learn to block it all out, when we arrived there was no way I was reading, I couldn’t concentrate, by yesterday though I’d got it sussed, I was reading and blocking them all out – result.
Well it’s Alfies birthday in January and I’ve decided to get him the gift of being neutered, probably not the thing he’d ask for if he had the choice but seriously after careful consideration, I’m afraid it’s time!  Especially as we do plan to go on holiday with Lynne’s family again and they have a bitch who really doesn’t need to constant hassle from Alfie!  He did make me smile last night in bed though, he heard something out the front and like he would at home tried to get on the window sill, the only difference was at home the sills are over a foot wide, here they’re about 2 inches so obviously he fell off, luckily onto the bed!
Mom’s fed the birds here as she does at home and watching her sit looking out of the window at the table, making sure only certain birds get to partake in the picnic is quite amusing, especially when she shouts, “bang on the window, they ay eating my nuts!” every time a crow goes anywhere near the bird table.
Watching the kids talk to mom is great, William is so intelligent and Jen is just plain sassy.  I can’t remember what Jen actually said yesterday but the sentence, “Yeah she’s been here before” was said about her, followed by someone adding, “Mmm unfortunately she’s come back again!” ;-)  Bless her, we didn’t mean it of course, they are both awesome.  There is however nothing I don’t know about scooters (actually there is because it’s gone in one ear and out the other) it is funny though that Will has told us at least 50 times that the allen key that came with his new scooter is a limited edition, it’s green and there were only 200 made, they’re usually blue you know!  He’s then spent quite a bit of time dropping the front wheel on the floor whilst saying, “can you hear that?” in a proud way that’s telling us that’s a wicked noise because it’s the best scooter you can buy.  BORING! LOL!  But then again no different than it would be if I was trying to explain how and why the red wine I drink is delicious I suppose, the only difference is I’d know not to bother because he wouldn’t be interested!
Well we sussed out the magic mirror in the bedroom, we think it’s the magic box we bought Will for Christmas and he seems to have gone round and shrunk my jeans as well as my pants!  It didn’t stop us having egg and chips for dinner yesterday though.  We didn’t do too bad with our guestimation of how much shopping we would actually need, there’s not much to take home, just a few tins of beans and quite a bit of cheese (most of which were gifts) and eggs because I think we accidently ordered too many!
I will weigh when I get home out of curiosity and also in the morning, then I won’t weigh again until Thursday at the meeting which is my day for getting weighed.  The other reason I’m doing this is to show you all that getting weighed the second you get back from holiday isn’t a good move, sometimes the weight you’ve gained isn’t real weight gain, it’s fluid and mainly that if you’ve just had an amazing holiday the last thing you want to do is bring your mood down by standing on a set of scales!   If you haven’t been away and you would like to get weighed today or tomorrow, there are meetings in the area, just go look online, I know Emma has one today at St Giles church hall, Walsall Street, Willenhall at 9.30am and 6pm, there will be others all over the country, go show your support to those leaders who’ve broken up their break to offer a service (remember they only get paid if you get weighed) heck if your monthly pass and you’re not fussed about being weighed, just go in and sign her sheet if you’re passing and get yourself the new mag or a box of bars to see you over the new year.
Well that’s me this morning; I better start packing and have another cuppa.  WOW just realised its Friday, so if you’ve had to work then hopefully it’s your day off tomorrow.
Have a fabulous day, I’ve got my tracker at the ready, might start it today just out of curiosity to see how many ProPoints I’m consuming, before I actually get a grip and get back to reality!

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