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Monday, 1 October 2012

Biryani for brekkie, don't mind if I do!

1st October 2012

How you think about a problem is more important than the problem itself - so always think positively Norman Vincent Peale
October already, what happened to September, oh yeah it more or less got rained out didn’t it!  Hey ho it ended well, I had a lovely day yesterday pottering about, took two long walks with Alfie, earned 7pp on my pedometer by the end of the day.  I cooked a chicken casserole and had it with swede, carrot and potato mash which meant the ProPoints value was half but the volume of food was still large enough to satisfy me.  I also had Biryani for breakfast!  Yep Biryani for breakfast, it was leftover from the day before, only 6pp and I’d have spent 4pp on bran flakes, so curry it was! 

At the leader conference the other week the quote from a member that was read out was “My Leader is motivating, encouraging and has a humanistic slant on life, weight loss and people.  She has taught me to remain focused and she has even liberated my food choices!”  I love this quote because it actually teaches me something about myself in return, because we are who we are, we don’t really we are a certain type of person unless its pointed out to us!  I do love that I liberated someones food choices though, why shouldn’t you eat curry for breakfast or have strawberries on your pizza!  My belief is if you like certain foods why not combine them.  Last night for tea I had stir fried mushrooms and grated carrots with a spoon of light Philidelphia stirred in, I stuffed that in a pitta and had it with a fish cake and griddled courgette. 

Today I’m looking forward to making my own version of cheese, potato and onion pie, nom nom nom, I can’t wait, I planned it whilst walking Alfie yesterday afternoon, I will be frying the onions in a tablespoon of oil not parboiling them as suggested in all the recipe books – yak boiled onions, yak yak yak!  For 4pp I can make the tastiest fried onions ever which will mix so well with the potato and cheese and of course the ready made pastry which is 39pp a packet – bargain!  I’ll let you know how much a slice it turns out to be tomorrow, but I will have no qualms eating that for breakfast, dinner and tea I’m sure, actually I better go buy some salad to balance the healthy out ;-)

I’ve got to say I’m enjoying planning my main meals out, sitting there on a Sunday and just thinking of ideas, not actually writing a rigid plan because that doesn’t suit my personality, I do however like to look at what’s in the cupboards and freezer and make a list of potential ideas, the only set meal is another pie on Friday that one will be beef of some sort probably the steak and Guinness pie from the recipe folder cards, I got some pastry reduced in Co-op, so it needs to be used as it’s taking up valuable freezer space, and as Guinness comes in a four pack, well that’s Friday sorted all round isn’t it!

My task for this week is my office again, needs tidying!  So I shall do lots of paperwork today and tomorrow whilst sorting my office at the same time, I’m just going to accept that I’ll never be naturally tidy and I’ll always have a rubbish memory, there are worse bad habits I suppose.   What are your habits, are you ok with them?  Are there some you’d rather not have?  I have one that I need to lose and that’s grabbing a slice of bread & spread late in the evening when I go in the kitchen, this is a newly acquired habit that is costing me 4pp a time!

That’ll be my challenge for the week, to sort my bread problem out!  Have a great Monday, soon be Christmas lol…


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