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Friday, 12 October 2012

Far from being a diet angel - more food fiend!

12th October 2012

Your opinion of yourself is the one that really counts!
Yay it’s Friday, I do love my work but boy do I love my play too ;-) Bring on my monthly booze up with the bestie, we’ll be asleep by 8pm of course because we’re proper light weight these days! 

Anyways I feel I need to clear up a misunderstanding that came to light yesterday in my meeting when I was talking to two different members at two different times, they were under the illusion that I eat perfect all the time because they see the meals I post on Facebook and in my blog.  Mmm nope I don’t, I struggle to stay within my daily ProPoints allowance too, I can honestly admit I haven’t stuck to 26 ProPoints once in the last 5 weeks, that’s why I’m always wearing my pedometer trying to earn more and that’s why I worship the weekly allowance because it is the nearest thing to a god I’ve ever had as without it my life would feel empty!
Yes I cook, I like cooking, I haven’t always liked cooking but once I started to and I read a few cook books, articles, had a dabble in the kitchen I realised it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was and I started to experiment.  I found that the simpler a meal was the tastier it was, the quicker it was to prepare the more I enjoyed it because I hadn’t slaved in the kitchen for hours, and I also realised if I used ingredients I liked the taste of and made recipes that included those ingredients then I was more than likely going to enjoy the meal.  And most of all I realised that just because someone else thinks something is delicious doesn’t mean I will, I nearly always know just by looking at a recipe whether I’m going to enjoy the dish now without even cooking it.

The main reason I cook is because I get more for my allowance, the portions are bigger and I’m in control of the flavour, so that is why you get to see the photos on facebook. 
However the flip side, so that I put to rest this misconception that I’m a “diet angel”, I do those things that don’t involve cooking, like coming home on a Thursday lunchtime ravenous from the morning and instead of opening a tin of soup like I’ve said I was going to, I ram a slice of bread with ketchup and wafer thin beef down my throat – yes RAM, because if I said I tasted it I’d be a damn liar.  Whilst doing this I’m throwing oven chips and chicken pieces in breadcrumbs in the oven because I’ve now got the ‘white mist’ and I’m not thinking logically about food, I’ve just got this “I need to feed” thing going on in my mind, I’m thinking to myself I’ll ProPoint it once it’s in the oven, I’m starving and by the time its cooked and I’ve added another slice of bread into the equation, I’ve just inhaled approx 30pp in under an hour!  All because I didn’t plan my lunch, nope I proudly posted that lovely cheese and potato pie yesterday that I’d prepared for my mates dinner and for some stupid reason, I hadn’t made myself one!  To make it even worse, my mate was messaging me at the same time as I’m eating the worst meal I’ve had that week telling me how delicious her pie is!  You gotta laugh ain’t ya!  It’s all a learning curve that’s for sure.

So please never thing I’m something I’m not, I’m the girl who eats multipacks in minutes, I’m the one who walks in MacDonalds saying to herself, “happy meal, happy meal, happy meal”, then gets to the counter and says “can I have a big mac and fries please”, then when asked if I’d like large, my tourettes kicks in and I go, “no no no, yeah go on then”.  I’m the person who sit in KFC drive in waiting to buy a 2 piece and fries, then when she sees the options and scrolls down realises for an extra fiver she can have enough chicken to feed the street!  So I do but of course when I get home I don’t share it, I just eat it throughout the day and for breakfast the next morning.
Yep I’m one of the reasons Weight Watchers exists because I need support, I need that guidance and advice to help keep me on track and remind me why I’m doing this.  Every on who struggles with an aspect of their life as I do with food should buy in additional self belief, use an outside supply to give you a boost - high achievers in all aspects of life use coaches and outside trainers to strengthen themselves, it’s not a sign of weakness, it’s another one of your tools to keep you strong!  I love my Weight Watcher leader, just seeing her on a Saturday morning reminds me WHY I’m there.

So if you’ve missed your meeting this week and you couldn’t get to me why not come and visit her (and me) Saturday morning at our meeting, Avon Business & Leisure Centre.  Avon Road, Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 1LH.  She weight 9-10.30 and talk is at 10.30.  There is always a meeting somewhere that you can get to, no matter how busy you are.  Always make time for yourself, you’re important too, enjoy your meeting, use it to your own advantage, to help you lose the weight. 
I’ve asked new members the last few weeks, “what would losing weight mean to you?”  The most popular response, which is always said instantly without any thought is, “THE WORLD”!  Surely that’s work half hour of your time if that’s how important it is to you. Xx

I’ll leave you with that thought, me I’m off to get my last bit of paperwork done, I’ve got a feast planned for me and my mate, it will be ProPointed (I’m not promising it’ll be within our allowance though) because it’s my one day of the month when we don’t care, it’s our WHOOP WHOOP day ;-0) 
I stayed the same on the scales this week btw if you were wondering, that’s 4lb lost in 5 weeks, I can live with that, I’m having a great time losing it.

Yippee it’s Friday – welcome to the window of the weekend. xx




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