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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Food, Beer & Bestie = A Perfect Day!

13th October 2012
You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Zig Ziglar
83pp yesterday cost me and you know what, it was worth it!   I got all my work done by 10.30am, then spent two hours in the kitchen cooking cheese and potato pie, corned beef hash, St Agur and honey roasted veg tart and wake up muffins, which we enjoyed for our lunch and there was enough for my mate to take home with her today so that after she works this morning she can chill out with her family because lunch and dinners ready.

 The tart was delicious, used JusRoll low fat Puff Pastry
- I pre -roasted my veg in 1tbsp olive oil & honey, added 6pp worth of St Agur - nom nom
So yep 83pp aint bad really when you think we had all of the above and bottles of bud!  Oh yea and I found another packet of French fries – I really think that’s the last of the flavours I’d eat!  I did refuse Walkers deep ridged and Cheese & Onion crisps though so I wasn’t all bad. 
Have I blown my week?  Nope that’s 49pp weeklies plus my 26pp daily, I actually earned 4pp on my pedometer (2 of those whilst cooking in the kitchen believe it or not – I was in there 2 hours tho), that’s 79pp so as long as I earn another 4pp on my pedometer and stay on track for the rest of the week I could still get a weight loss!  And luckily we drank all the beer so I won’t be tempted by that ;-)
Those muffins are to die for, they came out even better this time, I did put the whole punnet of raspberries in which was about 60g more and they were good big muffins.  Don’t think I mentioned but Thursday afternoon I made the Banana and Custard ones from one of the cookbooks, they tasted nice but the weren’t very big at all in comparison to the Wake Up muffins, and for almost the same ProPoints well, you want your ProPoints worth don’t ya!  Theres something yummy about the little bit of sour raspberry bursting in your mouth surrounded by the sweetness of the rest of the muffin, and if they’re still warm when you make them, nom nom.  Recipes on blog entry for 8th October – seriously you need to make these muffins!  I’m not even a great cake eater, reckon they’d be amazing with a bit of custard on them ;-)
So I’m being a helper in my meeting today, the leaders needs a shop lady so I’m stepping in!  So much for my day off ay, lol, now I don’t mind to be honest, it’s not like I’ve got to do the paperwork afterwards so it’s all good.  I’m going to chill out with mom this afternoon then tomorrow I plan to tackle my mess that is my office, it’s worse than it was last time I decided to take it on! ;-/  Hey ho, maybe one day I’ll learn and keep it tidy.
Have to say I love my mom this morning, I had hoped to keep my kitchen tidy as I cooked yesterday and I did do a lot of it as I went along but once the cakes went in and we started eating/drinking I didn’t finish it up, we both passed out about 8pm and when I’ve gone down this morning to make a cuppa moms cleaned all the kitchen before going to bed – she is a star!  She may not ever cook but cleaning the kitchen for me is the business, and I’m dead chuffed cos getting up to that would’ve been vile.
8pm and fast asleep both of us, no wonder her husband lets her out once a month to ‘party’ lol, more like a Tupperware party our get togethers – we did have 8 hours of giggles beforehand though, so we don’t mind and we’ve have a cracking night sleep, I got up about 5.30 so a good 8hrs, she’s still asleep with Alfie next to her – a wonderful sight lol.
Right I’m off cos I need to get ready as the first meeting starts at nine and I’ve gotta help set up.  Whatever you’re doing with your Saturday – enjoy xx

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