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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Heart racing for all the wrong reasons!

23rd October 2012
I said Somebody should do something about that. Then I realized I am somebody. Lily Tomlin
I’ve just slept until my alarm, rarely do that but I was so tired when I went to bed last night, combination of not sleeping very well the night before and driving yesterday afternoon, I certainly couldn’t be a driver for a living, it really tires me out.  I took mom out for a drive to visit Lynne and the kids, she really enjoyed herself and it was good to get her out of the house, it’ll give her something new to talk about.  That’s what happens when you don’t go anywhere you run out of things to talk about so you tend to recap over the same thing over and over, so you start to repeat yourself!  Whatever you’re age, you need to socialise, I just wished I could get mom to use a pc or ipad she’s love interacting with others without having to leave the house but she won’t have any of it, and she’ just a tad bit stubborn!
I baked a nice warm tray of my wake up muffins to take with me and they were still warm when we arrived so that was my lunch sorted – two of them.  I’d fancied peanut butter on toast for breakfast so instead of my usual two rounds of toast I had one round with peanut butter and jam on – nom nom. 
Lynne has to go to work at five and her hubby doesn’t get home till just before six so to save her paying the sitter, I said we’d stay and I’d sort their tea.  Of course me being lazy, them being kids and them knowing I’m a soft touch, tea turned into MacDonalds and I do love a Maccy D’s.   Well I had what I can only describe as ‘a moment’, just lately after reading a couple of books re eating I’ve been more aware of the ‘toxic environment’ in which we live and how we are influenced by offers and temptation everywhere.  For example with it being Halloween next week all the cakes have been rehashed and renamed so for example instead of jam tarts which I wouldn’t dream of picking up, they’re now called slime tarts and I quite want one in my life!  The French Fancies which are vile have been called Fiendish Fancies and they certainly caught my eye, they have also been priced at a very attractive £1, the fact the other ones are normally £1.06 doesn’t matter to us – a pound is a bargain!  It is though isn’t it?  So yep you guessed it, yesterday in Asda before going to Lynnes I bought loads of Halloween junk for her kids because I am a sucker for a supermarket gimic and bargain!
Anyway back to this moment at Maccy D’s, oh how do I explain it, it was almost like how I would imagine a junky to react who hadn’t had a fix for a while.  I’m with Jenny (Lynne’s daughter) going through drive-thru, my memory isn’t the best and I’ve got what Will wants written down on my phone and Jenny is remembering what she wants.  The menu’s are there as we drive up to the tannoy, there’s a car in front of us so we have time to peruse - there are two boards with all the new stuff on and I’m reading them like an overexcited kid and having a conversation in my head something like, “ooo Big tasty, I haven’t tried them, but what if I don’t like it – you can’t beat a big mac.  Oh I fancied KFC and we’re here now, I could have chicken, no I’ll have KFC on Friday when we go to the cinema.  Oh I fancy a fillet of fish, or maybe something with cheese oozing out, ooo what’s that a bean wrap, oh I could have a deli thing.  By now I’d got a little jittery (I put that down at the time to being hungry, however I’ve just realised typing it I’ve got jittery again!  Yes I think I’m a Maccy D addict!)  So now I’m proper confused, and the car in front is moving and it’s my turn to order and I’m panicking inside, “what do I do, what am I going to have”. 
“Can I take you order please”, Okay I think to myself compose yourself, read Wills whilst you think about it, “can I have a fillet of fish, no sauce, and fries please” think to myself oh he hasn’t had a meal deal, they’re cheaper, I’ll get Lynne a coffee with is and make it a meal (the fact she’s at home and has a jar of coffee which doesn’t cost a pound a cup doesn’t enter my head!), next Jenny orders her meal, they don’t have strawberry milkshake so we have to have banana.  NOW it’s my turn, I’m trying to recall all the things that were on the board, what am I gonna, have what shall I do.  “Anything else madam”, Suddenly something twigs, I realise what’s going on and I say, “Big Mac Meal please”, I cannot believe I’ve just gone through all that in probably less than 5 minutes, I’d say my blood pressure went up, my heart was racing, I really did want to order everything on the damn menu, luckily my memory is so bad and I’d got myself so confused and wound up, I couldn’t remember anything off the menu really anymore.
“Thank you, does that complete your order, please drive round to pay”.
Phew, it’s over, and I’m so glad we were using the drive through and hadn’t gone in the shop because that could’ve ended with me spending too much money on food I really didn’t need in my life.  both with money and ProPoints, I've just looked a Big Tasty with Cheese = 24pp!  I had Big Mac & fries for 26pp, but it didn't look like this photo on their website that's for sure;
Jenny bought me back to reality, “Bev, why aren’t you getting married?”.    
Gotta love kids ;-)
I am pretty good with controlling my eating these days, but I still get overexcited at times over food, especially when there are too many choices!  Do you?  Start to observe how you react in situations – it’s interesting to get to know yourself.
The best of it was when we got back with the food, my burger was coldish, so Alfie really enjoyed the meat from it, the chips were half and half.  It really wasn’t what I’d imagined!  Cured from MacDonalds for a while now I thinks! Da da da da da - NOT LUVIN IT!
Today I shall mostly be working and playing with my new Actifry that arrived yesterday, watch this space for feedback, have a tremendous Tuesday everyone. x

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