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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Nothing to say today x

20th October 2012

I try not to live up to expectation... I just do what I think I can do. Danica Patrick

Good morning, good morning, it may be foggy and yucky outside but I’m still smiling and I’m on track – hurrah!  Yesterday I cooked a delicious cheese and potato pie so my plan I made has been amended slightly but that’s ok as long as I have options.  I’m trying to make foods that will tempt mom.  Today I’m making a lasagne and cottage pie, I’m in the mood to cook and I shall share it with my mate because of course I can only eat so much food!

So cooking this morning, then my meeting then I’m treating myself to a massage this afternoon, well actually one of my mates has treated me to it as a well done for getting my diamond leader award which I thought was a very lovely thing to do.  Then later I’m going to continue sorting out my recipe folder, I’m collating all my favourite recipes into one place, which is a time-consuming project because I have a lot of recipes and I get distracted easily.  I’m a bit put out because I can’t find a lasagne recipe I once made, I’m thinking I didn’t write it down, so I’m going to have to try and remember from memory what I did – good luck with that with my memory!

My brains a bit blank of stuff to say today – I know that’s unusual for me!  Plus my mom keeps talking to me from her bed so I can’t concentrate ;-) so I’m gonna leave it there for today and say goodbye.  I wanna get in the kitchen if I’m honest, I love being in the mood to do stuff, especially as I’ve been feeling shattered at the weekends for the last few weeks.

Enjoy your Saturday xx






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