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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

What's that you're saying to yourself?

6th December 2011

If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else. Yogi Berra

Countdown to Christmas tip – Don't eat just to be polite. "I couldn't refuse the apple strudel — Aunt Mabel spent hours slaving over it!" Sound familiar? We often fall off the wagon for fear of insulting our hosts - but that's a poor excuse! The next time you're being strong-armed into eating something, simply say, "No thank you, it looks delicious but I’ve had enough."

Well to say I was pleased yesterday was an understatement, the scales told me I was 4.5lb down on last week, amazing what a week of being poorly can do for you - there had to be a positive to feeling that awful! So I’m goal plus 6.5lb which is brilliant, now if I can only keep it down until Christmas I’ll be able to relax whilst I’m away.  I’ve got this weekend with friends which might cause a blip but we shall see and hope for the best.

This month sees mom being at goal for 7 years which is an amazing feat especially when you consider her sweet tooth!  Whilst we were losing out weight together, I used to hear mom talking to herself in the bathroom.  Since then I’ve realised that she was saying an affirmation every day, and I now recommend everyone does them.

Think about it – the average person has around 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day.  How many of those thoughts are negative?  We constantly say to ourselves such things as: “I’m hopeless”, “I can’t do anything properly”, or “I’ll never lose weight”. 

Having such thoughts for many of us is like eating – we do it automatically, without really appreciating what is going into our bodies (or our minds).

What often gets forgotten is that in many ways these negative thoughts, like the kinds of food we eat, shape our lives.  ‘We are what we think’ just as ‘we are what we eat’, so it is helpful to take a close look at the kinds of thoughts we are having and change them. 

If you tell yourself, “I’ve got to lose weight,” it’s the weight you’ll be focused on and that makes it much harder to lose.  If I were to say to you: “Don’t think of an elephant”, it’s the first thing you picture in your mind!  .  So take your mind off weight and food and refocus.  Tell yourself what you want.  For example: “I want to be slimmer”, or “I want to be healthier”.  Also the brain does not recognise the word ‘not’ which means whenever you think ‘do not’ or ‘don’t’ your brain hears the sentence without the ‘not’ so try an example, “Do not eat that cake”, remove the NOT and what have you got! Trouble that’s what you’ve got!

Then set yourself an affirmation such as; “I am slimmer, I am healthier, therefore I am happier” or “I’m becoming the me, I deserve to be.”

Make your affirmation short so you can remember it, always start with “I” and put it in the present to give it more power (“I am…” not “I will be”).  Try repeating it aloud to yourself at least twice a day (in the bathroom maybe like my mom did).  Also, if you hear a negative thought going on in your head, replace it with your affirmation. 

Remember – you become your thoughts!  So today I’m thinking, we’re fantastic ;)

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