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Sunday, 11 December 2011

11th December 2011

Complaining about dieting and exercise burns off extra calories!

Countdown to Christmas tip – Keep a friendly distance from the food. If you stay at arm's length away from the buffet table, you'll be less tempted to mindlessly nosh while you're mingling. And when you're finished eating, ditch your empty plate — it screams for second helpings.

Feeling very relaxed this morning 10.45 and still in my PJs, we had a very wonderful day yesterday celebrating Chantel's birthday. 

We went to a restaurant called Crazy bear in beaconsfield, very lavish with prices to match as you can imagine.  The food however was delicious and I had Chateaubriand for my main which for those that don't know is a delicious cut of steak.  I was a little daring with my starter and ordered a brains sandwich to say I've tried them. Not impressed and wouldn't eat again, it had the texture of pâté and a milder flavour. Just knowing what you're eating puts you off instantly I think whatever the taste. 

For dessert I has salted butter caramel which was delicious, Vicky had the miniature tasters of all of them and it did look divine. 

Afterwards we all snuggled up in front of the tv to watch XFactor and fall asleep.

A weight loss is not likely tomorrow but I've had a fabulous time and I do believe that sometimes its ok to think the diet can wait.

I'm actually too chilled out to write, so I'll catch ya tomorrow.  Xxx

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