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Friday, 23 December 2011

I've arrived in heaven

23rd December 2011 When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things chance to catch you up.  Well I'm in heaven we really are on the beach, the flat we are staying in is 12 feet above the sand, it's fabulous to be able to hear the sea constantly.  Waiting to see how far the sea goes out and how much sand we will have to walk on.  I almost caved yesterday and thought about not tracking but I've caught my journal up this morning and I don't think I'll do too much damage if I continue to track.  Yes I've gone over my allowance everyday but I've still tracked. Its when your not sticking to the plan that tracking can help you realise what parts of your eating routine you need to work on.  I hadn't done any Christmas food shopping before I left home because not only hadn't I got time but I wasn't sure what the kitchen would be like here. It's small but usable and has a big kitchen so I'll go get some stuff today.  I did pick up three meal deals at the services though, they were Waitrose main, side, desert and box of mint chocolates for a tenner = bargain.  I've just ProPointed them an the mains are 13pp a serving, I was impressed as ones lasagne. The sides are between 5-7 the pudding is 10 and I gave the chocolate mints away to the lady who helped us carry our bags.   When they said steep steps they weren't joking!  We are nestling at the bottom of a 250ft cliff and it's a steep path ending in steep steps, got to be 1/4 mile long.  That'll keep me fit walking up there to the car everyday to go get the papers.  I'm hoping climbing up there together with walking Alfie and a couple of runs will help keep any weight gain to a minimum ;-) I intend to eat delicious food but not be greedy and knowing whatever I buy from the shop I've got to carry down that cliff will certainly help with that! Lots of chilling and reading today I think after a bracing walk on the beach and a walk round a supermarket.  Hope you've all thought about and decided how you are going to cope over the holiday period, there isn't a right or wrong way - there's only your way.  Just remember to have a good time and be prepared for the results. Xxx

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