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Monday, 19 December 2011


19th December 2011

Why compare yourself with others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you. Unknown

Somebody keeps messing up my desk!  I tidy it of and before you know it I can barely find room to put my cup down!  Why do we continue to do things that annoy us?  And can we change those bad habits.  I intend to find out I think, I’m going to once again clear off my desk and see how long I can keep it clear, I will look at the things I move and see if there’s a place they can live that’s close by but not my desk.  I’m sure if I can change lifelong eating habits, then keeping a 2ft by 3ft space clear can’t be that difficult.

Speaking of eating habits, 6 more sleeps to Christmas day and 13 more sleeps left in this year, I’m hoping that tracking will limit the damage even though I know I’ll overindulge and gain, if I’m aware it hopefully won’t be so bad.  Yesterday I made a huge chicken casserole and a beef bourguignon so I will at least be eating well for the next few days, I’m going to have a few filling & healthy days I think, yesterday for breakfast I had poached egg and baked beans, this morning I might have mushrooms on ww toast if I have time, if I don’t cereals always quick or even just a bit of fruit.

I’ve had a lovely weekend and now I’m on countdown for my break, the only thing I’ve packed already is my wine ;), that’s all I’ll need really though isn’t it and my wellies for paddling on the beach – just in case you’ve got a bad visual going on there, I will have my jeans and a coat on with those wellies!

Christmas really is a magical time of the year, and its fantastic to watch the kids getting excited, if you’re a parent you’re in for a long week I reckon and they get themselves more and more overexcited.  Personally I still believe and no one will convince me otherwise, Christmas makes everyone more generous, not just with gifts but with their love and attention, kindness and caring sides. 

Do you believe?  If you don’t believe in Santa at least decide to believe in yourself!  See yourself doing well and you will, so decide to hold positive thoughts about yourself.    If there’s something you need or want, then hold a vision of yourself doing well.  Only ever think positive thoughts about yourself, such as ‘I can do it’ or ‘I am good at this’.  The more you believe in yourself, the better everything will go.  If you expect success, you’ll have good results, but if you worry about failing, you won’t enjoy your experiences.  You can enjoy life more if you believe in yourself.  If someone else tells you that you won’t succeed, then picture a big “X” through their words to cancel them out.  Don’t let someone else’s words take away your self belief!  Instead act in a way that makes them change their mind and see what you can really do.  Decide now “Yes, I can do this!” whether it be relating to your weight loss goals or something else, because when you clearly decide to do it, instead of just trying you will approach the situation with confidence.  All that matters is you believe that you can do it. 

On that note, I believe I can have a tidy desk ;) 

Have a remarkable day. xx

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