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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

not too many nibbles...

14th December 2011

Countdown to Christmas tip – Get moving. You may have a shopping list to plod through, but that's even more reason to get in some activity time, like walking or a class at your local leisure centre during the build up to the festive period. After some lengths of the refreshing pool or a calming yoga class your mother-in-law's impending visit and the Christmas cards you have yet to post won't seem quite so overwhelming.

I really am on Christmas countdown and that together with listening to Christmas tunes whilst working in my office seems to have resulted in a fantastic mood, I’m proper happy and loving it.  Add that to the fact my members are still losing weight, and getting to goal 3 more yesterday and all is good in my world.
If only I didn’t have the worst memory and the tidy skills of a toad, my life would be perfect ;) but you can’t have it all I suppose and if that’s the only problem I have then I won’t be complaining.   To help me and mom with our memory I’m going to go get us a letter holder for the wall, so we stop just throwing it on one side and losing it!

If you’re still stressing about Christmas here’s some good news, Christmas lunch is packed with goodness.   While eating your bodyweight in roast potatoes isn’t healthy, when you look at the components of a Christmas dinner it's about as wholesome as a meal gets.  That smoked salmon starter will give you a truckload of all-important essential fatty acids - these are healthy fats that stimulate your metabolism and encourage your body to burn stored fat. Turkey is low in fat and high in protein, helping you to build muscle rather than put on fat, and it's also rich in tryptophan, the protein your brain needs to produce the happiness hormone serotonin. Just go easy on the fat-laden skin.  Meanwhile, despite their rather anti-social reputation, one portion of sprouts contains 300% of the RDA of cancer-protective vitamin K. And all that Christmas veg makes clocking up your five-a-day a cinch.
Before the big day arrives though, there’s all those get togethers!  Below are the propoints in some of those nibbles you want to enjoy;

Nibbles Peanuts (salted, roasted 50g) 8pp
Almonds (5) 2pp
Banana Chips (25g) 4pp
Brazil Nuts (2) 1pp
Cashew Nuts (10) 2pp
Chestnuts (4) 2pp
Date (dried 1) 1pp
Fig (dried 1) 1pp
Hazelnuts (10) 2pp
Marzipan (50g) 6pp
Pecan nuts (3) 4pp
Pistachios (15) 3pp
Walnut Halves (3) 2pp
Butterkist toffee popcorn(30g) 3pp
BombayMix (50g) 7pp
Tortilla Chips (44g) 6pp
Mini Cheddars (25g) 4pp
Pork Scratchings (35g) 6pp
Pretzels (25g) 3pp
Pringles original Light (25g) 3pp
Snack a jacks cheese or bbq (30g) 3pp
Snack a jacks caramel (30g) 4pp
Snack a jacks jumbo (1) 1pp
Ryvita minis (30g bag) 3pp

I had my first mince pie last night; actually I had two, that’s the danger when they land in your house as a gift from someone!  I haven’t been buying things like that so that I won’t eat them.  Now I can say I’ve done the mince pie thing and won’t have to purchase any over Christmas, they’re not but not worth gaining weight for, in my opinion anyway.  I’ve just checked my options for Christmas shopping and there’s a local Co-op about 3 minute away and a Sainsbury’s, Morison’s and Tesco about 5 miles so I’ll be okay, just got to decide where to go now!

A week today I’ll be on my last working day of the year, YAY, love my job, but looking forward to a rest, I may have not long been on holiday but it wasn’t a relaxing one like this one will be. 

Have a great day. xx

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