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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Life's a game, how you gonna play it?

21st December 2011
Don't make excuses, make good.  Unknown Author
Isn’t life a funny old thing, last week I got quite worked up over the new Weight Watchers adverts in their February magazine, the slogan is “Play Weight Watchers – the game you play to lose weight”, well I wasn’t impressed at all.   A GAME!  It isn’t a game, we’re not messing about - this is serious business.  Then I thought about it and also had the concept explained to be and afterwards realised to myself that LIFE itself is a game, and if I’m thinking seriousness well, chess is also a game and a that’s serious. 
I have always believed that enjoying the journey is the best way to get to your goal and with 133 members achieving theirs, another one last night, it obviously does make a difference.   It is important to enjoy life and weight loss is a huge part of a lot of peoples lives, the next few weeks will be difficult for most of us, however I don’t want any of you to stress about it, just accept that Christmas happens every year just as holidays and birthdays do and we can leave to cope with the consequences without letting it get us down.
Make sure you don’t miss the new Weight Watchers advert on New Years Day, it will be shown on most commercial channels between 6.30 & 7pm (inbetween Corrie I think).  It’s a 3 minutes advert which is also a music video starring Alesha Dixon and 180 Weight Watchers who have lost 422 stone between then.  The song “Do It Our Way (play)” was written by Alesha and I was told by a friend who appears in the advert that when they had the castings sessions in September, they were asked how they felt about losing their weight. The song in the new advert has been written from what members said.  Liz my friend said "I felt back in control of my life" and you'll hear that line over and over again in the song!
Alesha Dixon has never struggled with her weight but decided to get involved in the project because Weight Watchers helped one of her best friends which I think proves we are all affected by weight issues in some way in our lives.
The song which is a catchy tune will also be available to download from iTunes the same day, with 25p from each sale going to Weight Watchers’ chosen charity, Tommy’s.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could raise loads of money for a fabulous children’s charity.  I will most definitely be buying my copy.
So in line with the ‘PLAY’ theme, yesterday I decided to play a new game for me called ‘meal planning’, I’ve started to put together a weeks worth of meals together with a shopping list using the new “Complete Kitchen” cookbook.  I know if I have delicious food to look forward to each day, I’m much more like to stay on track and also to get mom to play along too.
Bless my mom, I love her so much and can I say if you love yours please tell her often.  Yesterday I took her to the doctors and whilst we were there he did a dementia test and one of the questions was who is the prime minister of the UK, well it turns out we both have dementia because I didn’t know the answer either!
On that note, I’m off to do my last days work this year. xx

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