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Saturday, 3 December 2011

UK food beats NY food hands down!

3rd December 2011

Dreams are but thoughts until their effects be tried. - William Shakespeare

Countdown to Christmas tip - Don't avoid the scales
Even if you feel like there's been a major slip-up, make sure you still weigh in as you normally would. Stay aware of your stats, and you'll know how to adjust things so that you can still stay in the game and get back on track quicker.

Think I overdosed on the Night Nurse last night, I couldn’t move this morning, mom’s took Alfie out and I’ve just come round!  Feel a bit out of it stick but I’ve got to get up as have a stocktake and some paperwork to catch up on.  Plus the house does need a sort, I’ve realised I need to start helping out more around the house, moms turn to slow down I think.

Well it’s great to be back in my real life, had lunch with Lynne yesterday and we went to Banks Bistro in Chapel Ash, delicious that’s all I can say absolutely scrumptious, starter was French Onion Soup, for main we had beef bourguignon with dauphinoise potatoes and for dessert I opted for Christmas pudding and brandy sauce because it’ll be the only time I’ll have it this year.  Highly recommend the food, the only thing missing was vegetables with the main, but I didn’t realise that until I was home!  I stayed with F&H yesterday as my option and used 29 of my weekly allowance to cover the parts of the meal that were ProPointable such as the pudding and the sauce on the potatoes and beef.  I also didn’t have any tea because I genuinely wasn’t hungry after such a satisfying lunch and I’d had crumpets and smoked salmon for breakfast.  

I’m still on course for a successful week, I’ve used all my weeklies but have 24 activity ProPoints should I need them.  I really need to get my hands on some wholemeal linguine, if you see any in the shops let me know!  I’ve got wholemeal fusili I could use I suppose but I prefer the texture of linguine.

We drove into down after the meal, I never go into Wolverhampton town centre in December because of how busy it is, but on this occasion it wasn’t!  I think that shows that people aren’t spending as much this year – they don’t have it to spend, that or they’re shopping online and out of town.

I talked in the week about trying something new so on the way back from town we stopped at Hobbycraft as Lynne wanted to have a go at knitting, I have plenty of card making and scrapbooking stuff at home to keep going for a very long time when and if I ever get the time!  Whilst we were looking I spotted a crochet hook and started telling Lynne how it was something I could never get my head around, I used to be a fabulous knitter in my 20’s (who’d have guessed!) I even designed my own jumpers, designed and made my nephew a ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ sweater, used to knit for the local wool shop :) a girl of many talents!  But crocheting – NO, as much as my mom tried to teach me I was having none of it, plus I always resented those crocheted blankets we had to have on our beds when we were kids, you know the ones made from squares of any colour wool you could get your hands on.  I ended up buying a hook and a ball of cotton to give it a go and YAY I did it, last night I crocheted a dish cloth, not spectacular I know but it was a start and it stopped me going into the kitchen and having some wine, so now I can lose weight and do the washing up.

You can’t beat finding a hobby or activity to occupy your hands and mind to help you on your weight loss journey.  After I’ve done my WW work today, I’m going to start on the house, I don’t feel too bad this morning just a little groggy so if I can get the house sorted, especially the kitchen who knows tomorrow I may do some cooking.

What are your plans?  Will they help with the weight loss?  If you’re eating out have you thought about how you’ll handle it?

Enjoy your weekend. xx

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