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Thursday, 8 December 2011

A big pile of poo!

8th December 2011

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. Buddha

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It’s that time of year when chaos ensues, trying to do so much at once and get it all done before Christmas.  I read a good piece of advice yesterday and I’m usually not one for using swear words in writing but just this once I need to so I can share the advice so apologies beforehand (yes before my friends comment I use them a lot in real life I know but it’s not the same), so here’s that bit of advice I read;

“When “shit” happens, turn it into fertilizer! Change your perspective - change your life!”

So if you’re feeling delicate don’t read on, if you’re not a bit of reality never hurts;

Bad stuff happens; it’s unavoidable and part of life.  But as I read yesterday, you are the gardener and what you do with the “shit” that happens it makes all the difference.

The challenges of life simply make you grow, and provides the natural friction that cause you to evolve.  When shit happens in your life, you can turn it into an opportunity, and use it to fertilize the soil of your life to grow beautiful roses.  Or you can go into judgement and victim mode, which will only stink up your backyard.

You choose.

How you see a situation will determine the reality that you experience in that moment. How you see the situation determines how you handle it, and how you handle it impacts your outcome.  Things happen in life that you cannot predict or control – some are good and some aren’t.

But, what happens isn’t nearly as important as how you choose to handle it.  In this sense you create your reality. You create the reality you choose to experience at any given moment.

So why not create a reality that empowers you?  Your minds capacity to understand and see the totality of a situation is often limited.  When something happens that makes no sense in your life. It is easy to go into fear, judgement, anger, resistance, confusion. But this simply keeps you spinning and does nothing to change the situation.

We often only see one part of the puzzle, or one scene of the movie. And from that perspective things might not make sense.  How you deal with the things that happen to you will determine how much freedom you experience.

Anyone can deal with life when everything goes your way, but the real test is when things don’t go the way you expect or want.  A pessimist sees difficulty in opportunity. An optimist sees opportunity even in the midst of difficulty. Choose what empowers you the most.

So when faced with a challenging situation that you might not understand –Breathe, step back from the situation, and take a look at the situation you are in from a broader perspective.  Then ask yourself
-What can I learn in this situation? What is my lesson?
-How can I grow from this experience?
-How will I look back on this in the future and say it is the best thing to happen to me?
-What do I need to shift in my life that is out of alignment?

Then take the action needed to bring yourself and the situation into balance. Do your part.  Release and let go of the outcome.  And finally trust that the universe will work out the details.  The more I have been willing to trust that everything happens for a reason, the more free I’ve become and the less problems I have. 

No matter what might be going on for you, use every experience you find yourself in for your growth and learning.  Ultimately in the game of life, the only thing that matters is living!  Sometimes we forget and get caught up in the drama. 

So when you find “shit” happening in your life.

Breathe.  Step back.  And use it to fertilize the soil of your life.

Enjoy your day whether you’re walking through roses or in the fertilizer!

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