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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Staying aware of my behaviour.

3rd August 2017
When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.
Yesterday I wrote, “I’ve realised if I don’t stay on track it isn’t because I couldn’t, it’s because I’ll be choosing not to and using the kitchen as my excuse.” Well I used it as my excuse, yesterday my bestie and her daughter turned up just as the floor in the kitchen was about to have a second coat of scree so we had chippy dinner.  I’m so glad we did because I’ve been craving chips, kfc, all of it this last week or so, well they were awful, the ‘southern fried chicken’ as they’d labelled it was, well I’m not even sure how to describe it but let’s say even Alfie wouldn’t eat it, so after a handful of chips, some mushy peas and a bit of curry sauce, the rest went in the bin, once again cured for a good long time and I’ve got my sisters stew to eat today.

It wasn’t just that they didn’t taste good, it’s the heartburn and indigestion that comes with them, just not worth it.  I did have my beans and egg on toast for breakfast at least and for tea I had some Weight Watcher crackers with a bit of low fat cheese.  Not forgetting my celery, I’m eating my celery and I like the crunch of it, it’s a good new snack for me to have.

At least the floor in the kitchen will be completely dry at some point today and I can get back in there for the sink, I also believe some of the units are being delivered today, it’s all getting done. I removed wall tiles yesterday too, it’s coming together and will be worth the chaos.

Aware August is in full swing I have to say, it’s making me realise and pick up on the things I’m doing that I know I’d rather not be doing, I’m also noticing the things I’m not doing.  Being aware is not about ‘blaming or shaming’ myself, it’s observing my behaviour, and then I can work from there.  What things are you doing that you’d rather not be?  For me it’s snacking, I’ve started helping mom eat her treats, I’ve never done that really, it’s a bad habit I don’t really need to get into.  To help me stop it, I’m afraid moms going to have treats I don’t really like for a bit until I’m back on a good level.  What things are you doing right?  Mmm this is a toughie at the moment, I’m not being great, I guess its breakfast, I’m having a good breakfast, oh and I’m snacking on celery.  I’m also still doing something, I’m not giving up, and I’ll never give up.   

Okay, I’m going to write it all down today and share it with everyone online, that’ll make me think twice about my choices!   I’m thinking a scrambled egg sandwich for breakfast, stew for lunch and mmm what to have for tea, I have half a tin of beans in the fridge but they might wait till tomorrow.  I might have microwave rice for a quick tea when I get home shattered and I might pick up a cooked chicken to have with it, that’ll fill me up, if I take the skin off, it’s a No Count day.  Yeah sorted, No Count and I will stay on track today – I can get back on track and turn my maintains into losses whilst having a kitchen fitted.

Right let’s get this day started…  You up for a good on too BeYOUtiful?  Let’s be aware this August, make changes because we care. 

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