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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Scary is good sometimes

12th August 2017
You are the series of mistakes that had to happen for you to find you.  Atticus

It’s been an interesting week, I’m finishing the week in a completely different place than I expected when I started the week!  I’ve been taken out of my comfort zone on a number of occasions, challenged a few times and I have to say I’ve enjoyed it.  It’s much too easy to stay stuck where we are, I know, I know, circumstances dictate our lives to a great degree, but we still have the power to make changes.  We always have a choice!   We might pretend we don’t, heck we might believe we don’t, but we do – it’s just scary sometimes making those choices.

You know what though, it’s better to be scared and make the wrong choices than to stay stuck.

I woke up silly early again, so I’ve used that time and finally started clearing up my office – you can actually get in the room easily now and two people could get in, they couldn’t have yesterday.   I’ve just found things I haven’t seen for a while (not since I did my bedroom out) and it’s made me smile.   Every day, I’m getting a little more organised, it isn’t a race is it.

I’ll tidy the house when they’ve finished messing about in my kitchen, it starts today, and the cupboards are going in today!   French doors Monday, lino Tuesday, and then I can get the cooker delivered – woo hoo….  Until then I have a fridge full of stew and a freezer full of ready meals to keep me going.

I can’t wait to get cooking again, I’ve missed it, it’s my therapy – I love to spend an hour in the kitchen creating something delicious, although my first meal with my new cooker will be cheese on toast, I haven’t had a grill for months and months, it’ll be proper cheese on white bread too, mmm.

Keeping it short this morning because my brain is processing lots of stuff, so I’m gonna go get my day started, looking forward to laughter at my meeting this morning, that’s one thing I’m always guaranteed, no matter how I feel when I get there, they always lift me higher, it really is the best job in the world, as I said in a little video I made for Facebook yesterday, https://www.facebook.com/WWBev/videos/10155628585632351/?hc_ref=ARQoWsjOwwPX7qIMu8fVOgNM3tnXpe46cOjplZk2dW5Z08dtje5Va6VDTN-wRo4Fof0 We were asked what we love about working for Weight Watchers.  I am not a fan of being on video so that was a step outside that comfort zone again, what helps me when I have to do it, is realising I’m recording what everyone sees day in, day out – that’s what I look and sound like!  The only person not used to seeing and hearing it is ME!  The easy answer to that is don’t watch it back.  I really do have the best job in the world, I work for a great company with great people.  If you’ve ever considered it, apply, you don’t have to be like me or any other Weight Watcher coach you’ve ever met, you will be like you because that’s what makes the role special, we get to take ourselves into it and as Louis Walsh would say “make it your own”.   If you are interested you can find out more here http://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/job/

Moms moving, I’m off to make her a nice cuppa, here’s to a great day BeYOUtiful – you got this!

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