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Saturday, 5 August 2017

No one would know...

5th August 2017
Imagine with all your mind, believe with all your heart – achieve with all your might!

Well ‘aware in August’ is working in my house, I finally had an on track day!  I was aware that I’m being tempted by mom’s sweet treats, also that I’ve been grabbing the odd bag of snacks at the meeting and all of it unplanned so yesterday I was determined not to eat any treats of that kind and get back to eating 3 good meals.  More so because I’d been up since 3am and I don’t think anyone thought I’d manage it! 

I remember thinking at one point, ‘No one would know’, how many times have you had that thought when you’re trying to stay on track but want to indulge in something.  Thankfully yesterday I responded with ‘the scales will!’ and I do want to get under this stone bracket, I really do and I’m going to.  I can do this!  What other daft things do we say to justify the overeating and hope we’ll get away with it?  ‘One won’t hurt’, ‘I’ll start again tomorrow’, so many justifications, trying to be more aware this month will really help to tackle those thoughts and words.

I’m very aware that all this manual labour has to be helping my weight loss efforts as I’m burning calories, I’m also aware I’m really enjoying it, I love the feeling of accomplishment and the satisfactory feeling of being shattered for a reason, not just because I’m menopausal and middle aged.  Yeah I like it a lot and let’s be honest there is also something you can find that needs doing, I mean I’ve really let my garden go this year, so I could get on top of that next, not this month though J I’ve done enough for now.

I spent yesterday morning stripping wallpaper from the kitchen walls and removing the last of the tiles behind the kitchen, that’s all done now thankfully.  My brothers coming today to remove the radiator and the chap from Carpetright is coming to measure up for the flooring, my plasterer is coming Monday morning, it’s all coming together.  Mark has told me when he’s doing the units but I’ve forgotten, I think its next weekend, but I’m not sure – it is when it is.  They’re stood in the middle of the room at the minute, he’d left them up again the wall but I had to move them to strip the paper and I’ve left them out because of the plasterer.  Doors and worktops coming next week I think too, it’ll all be good when it’s done.    This afternoon, I’m going to have a move round of the stuff in the utility room, put the kettle by the sink in the kitchen and use the table in the utility room to put the 2 ring hob on, then I can fry an egg properly and cook some veg, I fancy egg and chips, so might go buy microwave chips, I noticed them in the Co-op the other day, no hassle, quick, portion controlled chips – perfect.

Once my meeting is done and the chaps have been and done their thing, I’m going to spend the rest of this weekend enjoying my mom’s company and mostly sitting on my backside and chilling, I’ve more than done enough activity since last Saturday, time to relax.  Plus I have a longer than usual work week next week, so want to be fully rested for that.

Yesterday’s food wasn’t photo worthy but it was food that filled and kept me on track, I had toast for breakfast, for lunch we had leftover Asda cooked chicken (cold) with mash, peas and bisto gravy, then for tea I had the rest of my sisters stew and ate it straight from the tub to save on washing up.  It’s a bit like camping indoors this not having a proper kitchen lark.

Feeling good and ready for my morning meeting, love catching up with my Old Falling’s angels on a Saturday morning, they never fail to make me smile.  Here’s to another day of awareness, to staying in control, to not thinking ‘no one will know’, to enjoying life – what kind of day you going to have BeYOUtiful?

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