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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Sleep - I just love it...

2nd August 2017
Spread love everywhere you go, let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.  Mother Teresa
I may have woke up to rain but I woke up after a damn good, long nights sleep.  Yeah I woke a few times and dreamt a bit but I’m fully rested and feeling good – YAY!

We survived our first complete day without a kitchen, it was all good.  I’ve realised if I don’t stay on track it isn’t because I couldn’t, it’s because I’ll be choosing not to and using the kitchen as my excuse.  I made mom her usual teacake for breakfast, the toasters okay, I had poached egg on toast used the microwave for the egg.  I had a microwave meal from M&S for lunch that was quite high in points but lush, mom had egg and beans on toast – you don’t need a cooker for that.  I had potato salad for my tea, that would’ve been high and I’m not going to lie, I didn’t point it as I knew it was taking me over my points. 

The main issue with not having a kitchen, isn’t the lack of cooker, it’s the lack of sink and worktop, luckily I can get back in my empty kitchen today and there is a sink with a small worktop to the left and that will be there for the foreseeable, they’ll only be one more 24 hour session where I won’t be able to get to the kitchen in the next week or so, it’s all good.  Got my sister making me beef stew today too so that’s even better, I might opt for No Count today.  Yesterday I noticed it was the veggies that were being missed out, when you’re trying to be fast and without cooker it’s easy to forget the green stuff.  Still ate a couple of celery sticks, I’m getting quite used to it, I like it.

I think I’ll dig the slow cooker out, I could make use of that I’m sure, want a proper dinner all of a sudden, it’s wanting what I can’t do isn’t it!  There’s always slow cooker chicken with tinned veg and gravy, might do that the weekend, we can have jacket potatoes too.  No Count may be the way you know, lots of things can be done that way and No Count can be about meal building rather than recipe cooking.   Can you tell I’m thinking as I’m typing J processing my thoughts and finding my solutions.  Microwave rice is a fav for me too, throw in some cooked veg and a bit of soy sauce.  No Excuses really…

Yesterday made me aware that I wasn’t remotely anywhere near my daily allowance!  Tracking it made it a reality!  One of my members who got back to her goal inboxed me and said she’d ‘I became complacent with food, and let life takeover.’ I think so many of us can relate to that, she’s now a good 2 stone lighter so it is doable, we can all do it if we decide it’s what we want and it’s worth the effort.  Food for thought today right there!

I think if I’m doing No Count today, I’m going to have beans on toast for brekkie as it’ll count as one of my five a day, if I get my beef stew today that’ll count towards them even more.  I need some potatoes for jackets, time to do a bit of a proper shop I think, we’re running out of everything now bleach, toilet rolls, the cupboards have never been so empty.  I’m going to end up with a lovely kitchen but no money left to fill it with food!

Right I’m off to start my day, another cuppa tea needed I reckon.

Make yours a good one BeYOUtiful, stay aware…


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