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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Be brave BeYOUtiful!

8th August 2017
If you figured it all out today, what would be the point of tomorrow?  Enjoy the process of being a work in progress.

Well yesterday was a challenge and a testing day, it started at 2am when I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep, I was tired before it even started, then I had the plasterer here at half 7 and a 4 hours interview thing from 12 – 4 in Fazeley on top of all the usual stuff I do, it wasn’t easy.

Having said all that, it was worth it, I massively stepped outside my comfort zone yesterday and I’m so glad I did.  One of the things I realised yesterday is how much I really am living in the moment, I’m existing and for now with my circumstances as they are, to a certain extent that’s needed but am I also using it as an excuse….  I came away yesterday with lots to think about.

Fear, how many times does it stop us from trying something, especially the fear of failure.  It’s not easy to step outside your comfort zone, especially when where you are is a good place.  That’s how I felt anyway, I love my life so why mess with it.  Erm because sometimes taking a step outside of our comfort zone can be scary yeah, but with a bit of confidence and a few steps in the right direction, awesome things can happen.  That’s how I became a Weight Watcher coach in the first place, I was all ‘I’m alright as I am, I have a full time job, I don’t need another job’, when in my heart I was thinking, I’ve always wanted to be a WW leader, I just didn’t think I could stand up in front of people and do it!  Looking back at that situation has made me realise yes I am in a great place but great places can get better if you are brave enough to take that first step.  Be brave in the moment, you always have the choice to step back and stay safe or stride forward and grow, things outside your comfort zone make life interesting.

Yeah I’m using my circumstances as a comfort blanket, a bit of a safety net, if I stay where I am, I’m not risking anything am I, it helps that I have the best job in the world and have no desire to not do it.

I’m not just talking my job though, it’s everything and like I say I have a lot of thinking to be doing.  What about you, what are you scared of?  What’s outside your comfort zone that you wish you were brave enough for? 

We all have fear of failure, especially where our weight loss is concerned, how many of us have put something off because we weren’t sure it would turn out well (erm weigh day!), but from a none weigh loss point of view, have you every avoided a situation where you’d have to try something new in front of people or put something off you know would improve your life even without a good reason?  Fear…  Fear of failure is a dangerous thing, it can stop us starting in the first place.  Yet is it reasonable for us to expect to do things right the first time, can you imagine if a baby had attempted to walk, fell over so never bothered again, or a kid learning to ride a bike.   How mad is that we expect ourselves to succeed and get it right the first time.

This makes me feel good when it comes to my weight loss journey particularly because that is the greatest challenge I’ve ever had I think.

I had an ‘epic fail’ yesterday where it came to staying on track and it was awesome, I ate two bread rolls about 9am (I’ll blame stress) but the truth of the matter was, they were there and they were delicious then after my interview, I finished early so I went and had a carvery in the Toby on my way home, it was so good, fresh vegetables and a proper cooked meal when you’ve not had a cooker for over a week is amazing can I say.  Does that meal my weeks a fail – erm NO, I’m aware, it’s August, I have 6 more days this week to succeed.

I’ve learned to get rid of my ‘perfectionist’ all or nothing behaviour where my eating habits are concerned, now to work on the rest of my life one step at a time.  Here’s to owning the fear, focusing on what I can control, my bestie pointed out last night (before sending me a ridiculous amount of silly gifs that did make me chuckle I have to add) that “dealing with someone you love being ill is the toughest thing for anyone to go through when there’s nothing you can do.  You’re a fixer by nature, this is the most frustrating thing for you ever, it’s out of your control and there’s nothing you can do.  That’s hard for anyone but especially for you.  You solve problems, you look for solutions naturally”.   And she’s right, it drives me nuts but I’ve learned to accept there are things I can’t change but I can change how I approach it and handle the situation.

Well that’s all very deep this morning isn’t it!  Here’s to lightening up and enjoying my day, the toughest challenge I have today, other than finding someone to fit French Doors asap is to resist the other 6 bread rolls sitting on top of my microwave – oh ma’an, can I predict a fail on that one J I will however make them part of the meals we eat.

Be Brave BeYOUtiful, that’s meant for me as well as you, whatever the situation, be brave, be aware, be BeYOUtiful.

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