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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Aware August - you in?

1st August 2017
The cost of not following your heart, is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.

Fireworks!  What’s that all about, I’d had an early night well 9 ish, not early for me but for most and I was woke by really loud bangs around half eleven – not impressed at all.   Then mom woke me up at least 3 more times throughout the night having conversations with Alfie, asking if he was alright or looking for her cough sweets or rennies – yay, me tired – No! Nothing a cup of coffee can't sort out :) 

Yesterday was another busy day, I went to look for lino, did a bit of shopping for nice food from M&S because I now have no cooker for a bit and the fridge / freezer is in the living room, that’s not helping the diet, sitting next to a fridge I can tell you.  All that’s in the kitchen now is a sink, the kitchen floor was skimmed last night, has to be left to dry for 24 hours so we’re gonna be making tea in the utility room and washing up in the bath.   

I’ve just decided as it’s the first of August I’m going to make this month ‘Aware August’, I want myself and my members to become more aware of our behaviour, not just to do or react but realise what we’re doing and maybe try to find out why.  The best way to do that is to track, I’m going to give every member I weigh a paper tracker to take home and fill in every day.  Then next week we’ll all bring them back to the meeting to discuss. 

I plan to make little notes on mine if the food I have isn’t planned or thought about, I want to get back to understanding the choices I’m making and why.  Yeah here’s to ‘Aware August’ if we don’t know we’re doing it, we can’t make changes, if we know we’re doing it and why those changes will be easier to make.  Understanding is key to success when you think about it, every aspect of our lives is created by the choices that we make.  If we can develop a sense of self awareness, if we can learn to understand who we are, we can work towards who we want to be.  It all takes a little patience and time, and we are worth putting the effort in for sure.

Oh and one the first step towards change is to become aware of your own excuses, we all use them, excuses, justifications call them what you will, they’re the things stopping us achieving what we truly want because it’s easier in the short term to give up on what we want in the long term.

I don’t know about you but today I’m choosing to be happy, nothing can make me happy until I choose to be happy (not even a new kitchen).  No person or thing will make me happy until I decide to be happy because happiness will not come to me, it can only come from me.  You are the same you know, so are you choosing to be happy today BeYOUtiful?

Shall we spend this month being aware of ourselves and choosing to be happy, I like the sound of that a lot, I’m going to start right now by going to find that paper tracker to write on and trying to make poached eggs in my microwave because apparently you can.   According to the video I watched yesterday on Facebook, ½ cup water, crack 1 egg into it, microwave for 1 minute = perfect poached egg.  We shall see!

Here’s to a good day BeYOUtiful, let’s be aware of who we are. xx

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