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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Another day to find another way...

10th August 2017
There are some things you can only learn in a storm.

I’m trying to eat well at the moment but I’ll be honest and say I’m not writing it down nor did I check the points in my meals yesterday as both my dinner and tea were cooked for me .  It was so nice not to have to cook I have to say, shepherd’s pie for lunch with veggies, erm yeah microwave in the bag veggies – why have I not known about these before.  Fresh pepared veggies from Sainsbury’s that you just pierce and microwave for 3 minutes – how fab is that!   Why has no one told me about this before, I don’t think I’ll ever cook veg on the hob again, they were perfect.

For tea one of my lovely members nipped me in a tray of chicken curry and rice, so nice to get home and have my tea ready.  I’ve been complaining all week actually in my meeting, it’s not like I haven’t dropped enough hints about not having a kitchen, and none of em have bought me my dinner J honestly, I wouldn’t mind if subtlety was my thing.

So it keeps raining and we’ve all had enough of it I think, we’d quite like our summer back, it seemed to end in June, I did even manage to get me a bit of a tan in my back garden, but since then nothing.  My poor garden is neglected – I’m a fair weather gardener, so this weather is not helping with my usual summer activity, at least I’m walking the dog that’s helping a bit.  Yesterday I made an event in my group suggesting we all stick together and survive this soggy summer, I found a nice quote to use which said ‘without rain nothing grows, learn to embrace the storms of life’.  How true is that, summer is usually a time most of us struggle to stay on track, even worse when it's not even sunny!  Let’s all survive it together? We've got this, don't give up, and let’s keep going...

Don’t think you’re the only one struggling (if you are of course), I think Facebook and the meetings at time can be a bit misleading if you’re only focusing on the members that are losing weight and being successful!  They’re there to motivate you to get back on track not to make you feel bad because you’re struggling, trust me, we all struggle at some point and if we don’t, then that person has never really had a weight problem to start with because it’s not something that can be ‘fixed’ as such, it’s something we learn to live and cope with.  I’ll never be ‘cured’ or ‘fixed’ where my eating habits are concerned, I love food – end of and I’ll have good weeks and bad weeks but they’ll all be enjoyable weeks and I’ll never beat myself up over my weight and my eating behaviour again.  My eating habits do not define me as a person, my weight does not define me as a person!   What does define you?  Well that could be the subject of another blog, another day, I’ve not got time for that this morning, got to get ready for a 12 hour day.  But I do like this saying, two things define you: your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything. 

I’ll leave you with that thought right there, let’s focus on today BeYOUtiful, not on what we’ve done in the past, not what we’re going to do in the future but the here and now of the moment. 


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