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Saturday, 2 March 2013

You can have your cake and eat it!

2nd March 2013
Over-thinking ruins you. Ruins the situation, twists things around, makes you worry and just makes everything much worse than it actually is.  DON’T DO IT!
Well I have to be the only person that goes shopping for a dining table and comes back with a commode!  Yep that’s what I did but I liked it and it’s going to be my new side table for between mine and moms chair! Who knows one day its true purpose may be needed!
So we had a lovely day out and about looking, I knew I wouldn’t find a table but it was fun having a drive round, looking and of course we had to stop for something to eat because we were out all day! 
Now my mate Lynne likes cake, personally not a huge fan, I can take or leave the sweet stuff, we all know I’d rather indulge in a large glass of good red wine.  However I was driving so that wasn’t an option, so we popped into a little place called Queenies in Ironbridge, very nice indeed, it’s a little cupcake place that does tea and coffee too and you can spend a nice half hour chilling and indulging.
I opted for the carrot cake cup cake because I thought it would be less ‘cakey’, see I have this thing about cupcakes, I know they’re all the rage but I think they’re boring, actually I think they’re all frosting and no base taste. Usually when you have a cupcake the topping is sweet and nice but the cake bits bland – that’s my experience anyway. 
Not at Queenies, oh boy her cake is as good as her frosting for sure!  She has put as much effort into the cakes themselves as she has her frosting and once we got talking to the lovely lady she explained how she’d researched other cupcakes and found similar to my theory so that was what she wanted to make sure didn’t happy with her cakes and I can confirm she succeeded!  Lynne my cake expert confirmed it too, she was very impressed!
So how many ProPoints was our next question of course as we are both Weight Watcher leaders, we guessed off course and I have to say we guessed well which proves we know our stuff.  Claire the lady who makes the cakes supplied me with the basic mixture the frosting quantities and Lynne and I sat there and ProPointed them, they work out at 17pp each before any other ingredient such as chocolate etc is added, I would say personally they all vary between 17-20pp, I’d write down 18pp regardless.
NOW you might be sitting there thinking “ooo I wouldn’t waste that many ProPoints on a cake” but think about it, I waste 19pp on a bottle of wine which has no nutritional value whatsoever and I don’t think twice about it.  If you really like cake then those cakes are worth the ProPoints, after all we all have 49pp weekly allowance to spend on whatever we may fancy and I am a true believer that a bit of what you fancy does you good!  It didn’t just taste good, it satisfied me too, I wasn’t hungry for hours, I didn’t think about eating again till teatime, because I was physically and psychologically satisfied after eating my cake J it wasn’t just about eating a cake, it was taking time out for a natter with a friend in a really nice environment where we were made to feel welcome.  Trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to cut these kinds of occasions out of your life altogether - it just means you have to learn to manage them.  Ignorance isn’t bliss if you’re trying to lose weight and find a balance with your eating habits, but informed decisions that help you enjoy life, days out and experiences whilst losing weight will help you succeed. 
So if you’re ever in Ironbridge enjoying a day out with friends or family don’t be afraid to pop in and indulge at http://www.queeniescupcakery.co.uk/ you’ll be made to feel extremely welcome and you’ll be able to enjoy a cupcake without guilt because you’ll know that 18pp out of your weekly allowance is covering it!
And no she won’t be considering making a ‘low fat’ or ‘low ProPointed’ version because if she does that it won’t be a Superior Queenies Cupcake it would be a poor imitation – some things shouldn’t be messed about with and these cupcakes are one of those things!
There are other things to do in Ironbridge of course, it’s a very pretty place for a walk so at least you’ll be clocking up those activity ProPoints too.
And of course there are other places to visit and other eateries to dine at, the principals remain the same, learn to control your environment, realise you can have it if you want it, just don’t pretend it didn’t happen!
Always Eat Gorgeous & BeYouTiful because you are xx

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