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Sunday, 24 March 2013

She is Fabulous!

24th March 2013
Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you experience in your life.  Tony Robbins
Snow Sunday here and in most places in the UK I’m guessing, it’s still coming down, Alfie was happy to do a 2 mile walk (or bounce) in it yesterday morning but he only got one walk, I’m not a fan I have to admit and my socks were coming off in my wellies – not impressed at all.
We just chilled yesterday, I had a lovely chicken dinner for 16pp for my main meal, still not 100% on track but not being ridiculously bad either and at least I’m tracking again so that’s progress.
I have another guest blogger for you today; I really enjoyed reading this one I have to say!  We are all so different and all have our own stories, yet at the same time we share so many feelings and traits.

I am Fabulous!
The first thing you need to know about me is I am insanely shy, but I am also a great actress so no one has ever known,  Dawn French is quoted as saying “My theory was that if I behaved like a confident, cheerful person, eventually I would buy it myself, and become that” and that is truly my motto!
Size 10
Weight was never an issue for me, as a teenager I had the perfect hourglass figure, even after my 1st child my figure snapped back as if it were made of elastic.
Size 14
However my escape from a violent marriage and subsequent divorce brought with it a deep depression which resulted in a Compulsive Eating disorder. At the peak of this I was bingeing on 3 or 4 loaves of bread in one day. With medical help and therapy I learnt to regain control.
A new marriage and two more children brought a move 150 miles away from everything I knew, when the youngest was 9 months I went to work fulltime and my weight ballooned uncontrollably...why?
Size 16
I learnt to drive, I worked at a desk, I was bored, I was comfortable? Maybe all of these things but ultimately I started changing. I no longer behaved like that confident, cheerful person. I wouldn’t go out, I wouldn’t socialise, I hid myself away. Something had to be done!
Size 18/20
In February 2005 I joined weight watchers, I went alone, I sat at the back and I didn’t speak. Suddenly it made sense, I didn’t know when to stop eating, I would eat and eat whatever was put in front of me and I never said no, although I thought I had regained control of the compulsive eating disorder and in most part I had,  I still had some of the traits.
Tracking was the key; tracking told me when I had had enough for the day. It was the only way I knew when to stop.
My journey was steady with the occasional small gain, I still sat at the back and didn’t speak but within 13 months I lost 4 stone
Size 12
When I got to Goal I left my meeting drove to the supermarket and bought a box of four fresh cream cakes, sat in the car park and ate them all!  You see I still have that binge eater in there - she is just controlled by tracking!
I had maintained my goal weight for 5 years and last year had another child I went back to my Weight Watchers meeting when my baby was 6 weeks old and lost two stone of pregnancy weight.
Size 8
These days I have a passion for weight loss far greater than my passion for food, it’s been a hard lesson but I think I am finally there.
Don’t get me wrong I can still eat a family bag of Maltesers and hide the evidence under the sofa, but I track it and that’s the difference.
So why am I still losing weight? Am I not happy with my body?
You will notice that I have sub headed my story with dress sizes because that is the ‘ME’ that everyone sees and yes I am very happy with that but only I know what I weigh and I want to see a particular number on the scales.
So I continue to track, it makes me feel in control and I like the way that feels.
Weight Watchers has given me freedom, I have unlocked the ‘ME’ hiding inside. Most importantly I’m not pretending to be confident & cheerful anymore, I truly have become that.
 I LOVE losing weight, I LOVE me and I AM FABULOUS!
Yes she is Fabulous!  You can tell that just by reading it can’t you!  So go think about your story, your journey and all the things that make you FABULOUS!  If you'd like to share it, you could be one of my anonymous bloggers x
Eat Gorgeous & enjoy being fab-YOU-lous today!

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