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Friday, 22 March 2013

Staycation number two with THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!

22nd March 2012
“There's nothing like deep breaths after laughing that hard. Nothing in the world like a sore stomach for the right reasons.”  Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Today I’ve woken up with a gratitude state of mind, and although there are many things in my life that I’m grateful for, things that have happened and things that are still around the one thing I can honestly say I am most grateful for is my mom, she rocks!  I was talking to one of my fb friends (in person) on Wednesday night and she said how my mom seems to have such a young mind and she’s right, she has always been young in spirit, she sees the wonder in everything, for example if you put her on a beach she can play for hours in the rock pools, I’m not like that at all so I love to watch her.  She’s comical without trying, when she was reading my blog yesterday I heard her pipe up (excuse the language but she uses it), "Oh fk off, I'm not going on a tandem" Love my mom I do ;-)
She does crosswords constantly to keep her brain active but she cheats!  I call them her ‘copy the answer from the back’ books, so yesterday she was doing one and she say’s “Do you know a marine animal that has tentacles?” so I reply “an octopus”, then she goes on a rant, “No an effin jelly fish!  I didn’t think they had tentacles I thought that had suction pads, you know the ones that you lick em, press em and they stick!  I think they’ve made a mistake there!”    By now I’m bewildered to the idea of this and how we’ll cope with this situation the next time we’re on a beach, so I say “I don’t think you’d wanna lick a jelly fish mom”, she replied “No, you can buy things you lick and stick, I didn’t mean you lick the jelly fish you d@*!head!”
So yes I am truly blessed to have a 75 year old mother who’s that feisty despite the fact she’s lay awake most of the night with her pain, she still manages to have a giggle with me.
I’m ahead of myself today, when I got in last night instead of just collapsing in a chair, I decided to get all my paperwork done out of the way so I can relax this weekend, it’s another holiday at home weekend, all booked in my diary after the last one.  This ones not going to be quiet so lazy, I plan to cook up something scrumptious, I had a walk round Sainsbury’s yesterday for my favourite ingredients, I don’t have a recipe so I thought I re-enact MasterChef and get the ingredients out and see what I can invent, at least I won’t have those two critiquing me, good job really as mom does not like them, she thinks they’re mean!  I’m supposed to be meeting my bestie this morning, but there’s 3-4 inches of snow fell in the night this end, not sure of her end, so we shall wait and see.  I’ve got a massage booked for tomorrow and a book to finish.  Yep looking forward to reading the papers tomorrow, and I may even – despite being on my staycation actually hoover my bedroom and change my bedding and then again I might not.
I likes the idea of playing MasterChef in my kitchen, I couldn’t find a recipe yesterdsy I wanted to cook, found lots of ideas but not one recipe that screamed –“cook me”, I found one I liked, but it calls for whole wheat wide egg noodles, I’ve never seen ‘wide’ ones, although if I get to Lichfield maybe Waitrose will have them.
I’m rambling ain’t I, it’s because I’ve had a lie in lol, plus I’m evading the I gained another pound admission, why have I?  Because I’ve had the worst WW week for a while, nothing tracked, nothing weighed (because I was using my scales in the meeting for demo purposes), I’ve been picking at chocolate buttons all week (because I’ve been using them in meetings).  What have I gained despite a pound, the reminder that I don’t like the yucky feeling I get from overeating, and the sicky feeling and heartburn from chocolate consumption!  So back on track from today thankfully, even going to ProPoint on my staycation!
Right I’m off, hope you all have a good day, stay safe in the snow, and always BeYouTiful of course. xx

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